Chancellor of Nikolia

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Chancellor of the Kingdom of Nikolia
Crown Council of Nikolia.png
Seal used by the Crown Council of Nikolia
Branislav Jovanovski

since 14 September 2015 (2015-09-14)
Government of Nikolia
Office of the Chancellor
StyleThe Right Honourable
Member ofCrown Council of Nikolia
Reports toNational Assembly of Nikolia, Monarch of Nikolia
AppointerMonarch of Nikolia
Term lengthAt His Majesty's Pleasure
2,640,000 Kr

The Chancellor of Nikolia is head of His Majesty's Government in Nikolia. The Chancellor presides in His Majesty's name the Crown Council of Nikolia, the supreme governmental council which brings together the principal officers of the executive branch of the Nikolian government. The Chancellor of Nikolia and ministers over whom he presides are accountable to the Nikolian people, National Assembly of Nikolia and His Majesty the King. Current Chancellor of Nikolia is Branislav Jovanovski (Monarchist party of Nikolia) and it was appointed to the post by the King on 14 September 2015.

Role of Chancellor of Nikolia is explained in the Constitution of Nikolia as a "principal officer of the Nikolian government who presides over the Crown Council of Nikolia whose role is to rule country's politics and enforce its laws and regulations in accordance to His Majesty's command". This means that, unlike a traditional role of the Prime Minister in constitutional monarchies, the King retains most of the governing power, where the Chancellor aids the Crown Council in executing King's wishes. The Chancellor has no ability to declare war, formally sign treaties or command the troops, his role can be seen as a communication between the government and the King.