Charles IV of Angvar

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Charles IV
Yon Gonzalez as Julio Olmedo in Gran Hotel (2011-13).jpeg
The Emperor Charles in 2013
Emperor over All the Angvars
Reign29 July 2007—30 January 2016
Coronation19 December 2007
PredecessorFrederick VIII
SuccessorKatharina XII
BornPrince Charles Eberhard of Mordegard
(1978-07-28)28 July 1978
Cordelia Palace, Novigard
Died30 January 2016(2016-01-30) (aged 37)
Palace Imperial, Mordegard
Imperial Catacombs, Saint Decius' Basilica
Katharina XII (m. 2007)
  • Conrad Frederick Louis, Crown Prince Imperial
  • Prince Reinhard Walther
  • Princess Adelheid
Full name
Berengar Charles Eberhard Gellert Liutbrand Ottokar Ruprecht Theoderic Walter
  • Cronqvist-Schneekreuz
FatherFrederick VIII
MotherLiselotte of Ostenia
ReligionKeanuism (Angvarian Cathericism)

Charles IV (Berengar Charles Eberhard Gellert Liutbrand Ottokar Ruprecht Theoderic Walter, 29 July 1978—30 January 2016) was Emperor of Angvar from 29 July 2007 until his death in 30 January 2016.

He was born in Novigard as the eldest child of Frederick VIII and Liselotte of Ostenia, six years after the assassination of his grandfather, Albert IV. At the age of 15, he was created Crown Prince Imperial.

Charles unexpectedly passed away due to health complication at the age of 37 on 30 January 2016, after which he was succeeded by his spouse, who became Katharina XII.