Monarchy of Angvar

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Empress of All the Angvars
  • Xhâhrhâhk ʻAždhuvhirhǔk-bùbhaiï Ongvòtarǔk (Angvarian)
  • Kaiserin-Selbstherrscher über aller Eisenheimer (Nemedian)
Coat of Arms of Angvar.png
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Katharina XII
since 30 January 2016
StyleHer Most Auspicious Majesty
Heir apparentConrad Frederick, Crown Prince Imperial
First monarchXhâłvhir I (as duke)
Formation1069 CE
ResidenceSee list

The monarchy of Angvar (Angvarian: ʻAždhuvhirhǔk'taž və-Ongvòtarǔk; Nemedian: Überausgreifeinde Selbstherrʃerʃaft des Eisenheims), constitutionally referred to as the Crown (Angvarian: ʻar-xhrāvhaṯāh), is an autocratic office by which a hereditary sovereign rules as the supreme head of state and government of Angvar, and by consideration the self-proclaimed universal cosmocrat (or thearch) according to Angvarian esoteric political theory. The current ruling monarch is Katharina XII, who acceded to the throne on 30 January 2016 upon the death of her spouse Charles IV.