Charles Tiller

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Charles Tiller
Charles Lee Esq'r. - Americanischer general-major (cropped).jpg
Born6 February, 1776
Kelowna, Zian, Zamastan
Died30 June, 1803
Bonmuth, Zian, Zamastan
AllegianceRebel Forces of Zamah St'an
RankMajor General
Battles/warsZamastan War of Independence
RelationsHenry Tiller (brother)

Charles Tiller (6 February, 1776– 30 June 1803) served as a general of the rebel forces during the Zamastan War of Independence. When the fighting broke out in the Zamastan War of Independence in 1802, he volunteered to serve with his brother, Henry Tiller, who was one of the main commanders of the northern separation of rebel forces. Tiller's ambitions to become Commander in Chief of the Rebel Army were thwarted by the appointments of Avi Taures and Tomias Hapson to that post.

During the summer campaign of 1803, forces under his command met Skithan forces at the Battle on Bonmuth. Tiller led an assault on the Skith that miscarried. He was subsequently sent through a court-martial and his military service brought to an end. He challenged his commander, Avi Taures to a duel shortly after the battle ended, in spite of his leave, and Taures agreed. Tiller was killed in the duel.