Coalition of the Left (Tarsas)

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Coalition of the Left
LeaderHector Anarxos
FounderHanz Felderost
Caius Atiphas
FoundedDecember 15, 1999 (1999-12-15)
Merger ofLeft Front
People's Action Movement
United Progressive Coalition
HeadquartersSidon and Aenonesos
NewspaperLeft-wing Weekly News
Student wingYoung Tarsans of the Left
Social democracy
Labour politics
Internal Factions:
Democratic socialism
Social liberalism
Green left
Political positionLeft-to-Far left
International affiliationAssociation of Liberal and Democratic Parties
Colors     Yellow
     Rose Red
Seats in the Hellenic Senate
5 / 620

The Coalition of the Left, also commonly called CL, the Left Bloc, or the Coalition (colloquially), is a contemporary left-wing-to-far left secondary political party in Tarsas, being a "second-tier" left-wing party in Tarsas' multiparty politics. In the Hellenic Senate, the Coalition has declined to join any current coalition and is often at odds with most of the other parties. The Coalition came to be a merger of three left-wing parties - the Left Front, the People's Action Movement, and the United Progressive Coalition - after several electoral failures in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1999, Liothidian immigrant Hanz Felderost began to consult for leftist politician Cauis Atiphas in forming a coalition of ineffective leftist parties.

Platform and Philosophy


Organization and Hierarchy

Election Results and Current Representation

Current Representation

Election Results

International Affiliation and Criticism