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Colitas Canal

Colitas Canal
LocationCentral Colitas
North endDalton
South endArbaliqui
OwnerGovernment of Maltropia
OperatorColitas Canal Ltd. of Maltropia

The Colitas Canal is a major artificial waterway connecting the internal Conqueror's Sea to the Oceanus Universalis around Paradoxia. It divides the Colitasian peninsula roughly in half, vastly reducing the amount of time required to travel from one side to the other. Begun in November 2012, it has been hailed as one of the greatest feats in Paradoxian engineering and among the most influential economic infrastructural projects.

The canal was initially proposed by a Maltropian consortium in the wake of the Balkanisation of Colitas and the nation's subsequent efforts to reacquire its lost territories. The mission statement cited the urgent need to develop a solid infrastructure which would instill new confidence in central government, as the cities of Dalton and Arbaliqui, part of the Nefreedian-installed North Colitas, were not yet back under the control of the legitimate government. Unable to afford the investment, Colitasian authorities agreed to lease the canal to Maltropia indefinitely in lieu of payment.

The minimum width of the canal, 62.5 metres, has become the widely-accepted "Colimax" standard, used by such international shipbuilding firms as Maritime Imperial in the construction of vessels like the ULCC Mucianus-class.