Common Axis

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Common Axis of Siduri

*      Common Axis *      Inner Sphere powers *      Neutral powers Primary constituents: * Cacertian Empire * Đại Quến * Mansuriyyah * Tennai Allied combatants with governments-in-exile: *  Ruvelka
  •      Common Axis
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Allied combatants with governments-in-exile:
StatusMilitary alliance
Historical eraSiduri War
• Common Axis Treaty
July 1934

The Common Axis was an international military coalition formed during the Siduri War (1934–1938) to oppose the Inner Sphere, consisting of the Republic of Syara and the Shirvani Dominion. Its founding members consisted of the Cacertian Empire, Đại Quến, Mansuriyyah, and Tennai. The Principality of Ruvelka, which had already been invaded and overrun by a combined Inner Sphere offensive was also a member through its government-in-exile.

Throughout the war, each nation fought and managed their own theater of war with respective support from allied powers when possible, though this would often prove difficult given the geographic distances between each member nation. A series of conferences between Axis leaders, diplomats, and military officials gradually developed and formalized the alliance as well as the tactics and strategy of the war.

The Cacertian Empire, which did not share direct borders with the Inner Sphere, dedicated much of its military and infrastructure in funneling supplies, soldiers, arms, and materiel to bolster the ongoing ground wars being fought throughout the continent. The Cacertian Royal Navy, along with the Royal Tennaiite Navy, fought a lengthy campaign against the Inner Sphere at sea that eventually culminated in a Common Axis victory.