Cacertian Royal Navy

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Cacertian Royal Navy
Reggia Marina Cacertiana
Active12 January 1868–present
(154 years, 10 months)
22 April 1875–4 November 1940
(as the Cacertian Imperial Navy)
Country Cacerta
AllegianceQueen Anelyn I
Size652,480 Active duty personnel
422,490 Reserve personnel
292 Vessels
6 aircraft carriers
5 amphibious assault ships
6 amphibious transport docks
42 battleships
53 cruisers
60 destroyers
50 frigates
42 corvettes
28 submarines
Part ofCacertian Armed Forces
HeadquartersFumicino, Lombardo
Motto(s)La pace attraverso il potere.
"Peace through power."
MonarchQueen Anelyn I
Prime MinisterValeriana Khushrenada
Grand AdmiralElettra Doria
Naval Ensign
(Since 1870)
Naval JackCRNFlag.png

The Cacertian Royal Navy (CRN) is the principal naval warfare service branch of the Cacertian Armed Forces. It is considered to be the first and oldest service branch having been founded during the Kingdom's unification in 1868. From the mid-19th century to the present day it has maintained the distinction as one of the most powerful navies in Tyran, played a key part in the creation of the Cacertian Empire between 1875 and 1920, and is famous for still possessing a prestigious reputation worldwide.

Following the formal creation of the Cacertian Empire, the Royal Navy grew significantly in size making it one of the largest navies within its immediate sphere of influence. It was used extensively as a force projector as part of Empress Elliana Sarissita’s military expansionist strategies to great affect during the Lirinyii Campaign and the Cacerta-Xevden War. The naval war during the Siduri War saw all assets of the navy deployed and significant advancements made in technology and tactics.

In the modern era, the navy maintains a fleet of technologically sophisticated ships that range from aircraft carriers to ballistic missile submarines. Alongside its primary warships, Cacerta also has a civilian-manned Fleet Auxiliary that replenishes and resupplies the Navy's ships that are deployed at sea.

The Royal Navy is commanded by the head of the House Davion—who has been the traditional commander since its unofficial foundation in 1868. As such, no member of the house can become head without having served in the Cacertian Military to some capacity. The Navy maintains several dozen bases throughout the Kingdom's territory with its headquarters located in the city of Fumicino.