Constantine, Despot of Morea

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Despot of Morea (more)
Constantine, Despot of Morea in 2018.jpg
Constantine, Despot of Morea, at a state reception at the Imperial Palace in 2018
Born (1964-10-15) 15 October 1964 (age 58)
Imperial Palace, Alexandropolis, Mesogeia
Among others
Full name
Gaius Rhomanius Troadinos Constantine Demetrius Michael Francois Louis Manuel
FatherManuel, Prince of Phocaea
MotherElena II
ReligionMesogeian Orthodox

Constantine, Despot of Morea (Gaius Rhomanius Troadinos Constantine Demetrius Michael Francois Louis Manuel; b. 15 October, 1964) is the heir apparent to the Celestial Throne. He is the eldest son of Elena II and the late Manuel, Prince of Phocaea. His mother Elena II is the reigning Empress of Mesogeia, making him a member of the Mesogeian Imperial Family of Mesogeia.

Constantine is expected to succeed his mother as Emperor of Mesogeia, at which point he will most likely take the regnal name Constantine XXIII.

Early life and education

Constantine was born at the Imperial Palace in Alexandropolis on 15 October 1964 at 7:45 pm, as the eldest son of Empress Elena II, and the late Manuel, Prince of Phocaea.

As is customary he was given the tri nomina Gaius Rhomanius Troadinos nine days after his birth. And two months after his birth on December 12, 1964 he was christened with the name Gaius Rhomanius Troadinos Constantine Demetrius Michael Francois Louis Manuel. From birth he was afforded the title of Grand Prince (being the son of the heiress presumptive to the throne) and the rank of a Sebastos, being the grandson of the reigning Emperor of Mesogeia at the time. At his birth his upbringing was entrusted to the Patrikia Pedagogia (the Governess of the Imperial children while his education was handled by the Grand Baioulos (Imperial tutor).

As the eldest son of the new Empress, Constantine was granted the titles of Duke of Piraeus, Duke of Lomvardia, Count of Antica. He was however not created Despot of Morea until 1974 on the occasion of his tenth birthday.

When he was only seven years old he rode with his mother to the state opening of parliament. At the age of eight he was enrolled in Hagia Sophia School, a preparatory school located in downtown Alexandropolis in attached to the cathedra,. Previously he had been educated by a host of tutors and by the Grand Baioulos. Constantine attended Hagia Sophia School for a number of years until he reached the age of thirteen after which point he was was enrolled in the very prestigious Magna Aula College, a very prominent boarding school for boys that has educated numerous Meszons, high-profile figures, as well as several generations of the nobility.

Personal life

Marriage and family

Constantine first met his future wife Lady Marie Isabelle Frankopoulos, the daughter of the Duke of Apulia while his parents were visiting the Duke and Duchess of Apulia at their estate in Apulia in 1983. Palace sources claim that the young prince was immediately captivated by the vivacious Marie Isabelle. The two began dating in late 1984, but the couple separated in 1987 when Constantine went on to pursue a military career in the Imperial Air Force.

During the early 1980s their was much media attention and speculation surrounding the relationship of Despot of Morea and Lady Marie Isabelle. After their separation in 1987 it was rumored that intense media attention and pressures placed on her by the Imperial court is what caused the couples premature separation.

At that time a match between the heir to the throne and the daughter of the Duke of Apulia was not favored by the leading factions at court, because many at court had preferred the young Prince marry a foreign princess or a daughter of one of the royal families of Mesogeia, most notably the daughter of the king of Isauris, despite the great wealth of the Frankopolous family.

Following the end of his military training in 1989, Constantine returned to the capital where he resumed his position on the Sacred Council, a post he had held nominally since 1985. At an even in 1989 in honor of state visit of the Ambassador of (INSERT COUNTRY) Constantine ran into Marie Isabelle Frankopoulos. The two became reacquainted and it wasn't long before the two resumed the relationship they had ended in 1987. Between 1987 and 1989 Constantine and Marie Isabelle had dated other people, but it seemed that by the end of 1989 they had found their way back to each other.

On 10 January 1990 Constantine proposed to Marie Isabelle, the following day the Grand Provost (INSERT NOBLE NAME), the senior head of the Imperial Court, released a statement announcing the engagement of the Despot of Morea to Marie Isabelle, Lady of Apulia. Their wedding occurred nine months later on 19 September 1990. Vicious rumors claimed that the wedding was rushed because Marie Isabelle was already pregnant with her first child. The couple's first child Theodora was born on 12 February 1991, leading many to conclude she was conceived sometime during her parents engagement. Theodora's birth was followed by her younger sister Elena born in 1993.

The couple delivered twins in 1997 (miraculously born on different days) respectively the Grand Princess Zoe and the Grand Prince Michael (the long awaited heir). The birth of the heir (Grand Prince Michael) was followed by five younger children, Alexander, Constantine, Anna, Louis-Manuel, and Isabelle, born in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003

Residences and finance

Titles, styles, honours and arms