Cordelia Gi Randgriz
Archduchess of Gallia-Bruhl
Reign16 August 2010 - Present
PredecessorCharles II as Archduke of Gallia
Noctis Lucis Caelum (de facto; as King of the Gallian Commonwealth)
MinisterLeon Thomas Theron as Regent Lord
Wilhelm von Stauffen as Prime Minister of Gallia
Born16 August 1988
Randgriz, Commonwealth (now, Principality) of Gallia-Bruhl
Full name
HouseHouse of Randgriz
FatherWilliam II, Duke of Randgriz
MotherAlexandra, Duchess of Randgriz
ReligionRoman Catholic

Cordelia gi Randgriz (16 August 1988) is the current Archduchess of Gallia-Bruhl since the Gallian Independence in 2012. She is the first native Gallian to rule since Archduke Charles II of Gallia.

Cordelia was raised in Randgriz and had a holistic education; graduating from the University of Randgriz and later serving in the Auxiliary Territorial Service Corps during the time when Gallia was still a Commonwealth realm. By the age of 18, she was recognized as the head of Gallia's Royal Family following the death of her father, William II of Randgriz. She is a close friend of Queen Henrietta of Tristain, who is noted to have conversed through telephone conversations throughout her life.

During the Second Lucis Civil War, Cordelia welcomed King Noctis Lucis Caelum to evacuate to Randgriz in order to keep the Lucis Royal Family safe from Republican attempts. During this time, Great Lucis suffered from a series of problems, which eventually hindered its remaining control on Gallia-Bruhl since unlike other Commonwealth realms, the Lucis Government still had 20% of presence in the Gallian Government. Eventually, the two planned for Gallia's full independence with Cordelia reclaiming the throne of Gallia as the Archduchess of Gallia-Bruhl. Following the war, a period of transition occurred in the government in the presence of Cordelia. By 2010, Noctis gave up the Gallian throne while Cordelia ascended as Gallia's first ruling monarch since 1749.

Her image has been affected by various Imperial and Republican settlements but despite it, she remains a popular ruler to her people and so does the Gallian Royal Family.

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