The Witch's realm of Daki

The realm of the Witch
Unofficial flag of Daki.
Motto: "Birish Samai Norai Kamijamai"
"Peace and Happiness to all"
Official languagesEdigathran
Ethnic groups
Sprites, Half-demon.
Witch's cult
• Witch Queen
1200 BCE
864,000 km2 (334,000 sq mi)
• Estimate

Daki is a small nation bordering Lotion Empire and the nation of Kuniand ruled by Shiamara, witch queen. The nation is populated by 140 million citizens, mostly residing in the central city of Kagishikura, and the two coastal cities Baithara and Himira. Daki has one official language, Edigathran, which is native to the region. The climate varies under the effect of the local gestalt field, ranging from cursed desert to alpine forest.

Since the establishment of the Empire of Kagishababa in the year 1200 BCE to the Lotionese invasion in 1600, the realm of Daki has existed as a unified state under the heading of an absolute theocracy. Interactions with the nation have been infrequent, due to harsh terrain and an incredibly difficult dialect. Intense xenophobia and isolationism, combined with potent arcane knowledge, ensured the nation remained isolated. Under the reign of local deities, the nation remained remarkably stable. In the year 1700, the nation collapsed into a witch's realm, cutting off the limited contacts with the outside world available.

In 2017, the witch's state became the subject of international attention, with several explorative groups documenting the interior of the nation. Recently, the international syndicate FLOOF was launched by the witch's realm, with the expressed purpose of promoting the supremacy of the member nations. Daki has also participated in military games with the nations of the syndicate, and has established embassies with several nations.


The people of Daki are indigenous to the area, claiming descent from the lesser spirits that reside near the coast of Daki. The presence of horns and wings among the residents of the area support this claim, as similar features can be found among the lesser spirits. Settlements first appear around 2300 BCE, with rudimentary tools found dating to 3,200 BCE.

Cities can be found near 1800 BCE, centered around large stone temples. Largely agrarian, feudal society which centered around the worship and veneration of the local pantheon of nature gods. The local deities in turn ruled more or less directly, bestowing blessings upon their supporters. This continued well into the first millenium BC, when the Kegalish dynasty challenged the authority of the local gods, patronized by Hikagel, a goddess of magic. During this period the first tales of witches can be found, usually among the failed heroes of the dynasty, suggesting a link between her patronage and the witches.

After a brief and disastrous war, the local deities agreed to a contract, giving away their reign in return for becoming patrons to the ruling families. Hikagel withdrew, presumably defeated in a pitched battle in the Sorrowful fields, today the site of Kagishikura, capital of Daki. This established the Greater Peace, which lasted for nearly two millennia. During this time, Daki barely developed relative to the outside world, preferring to exploit magic for defense. Art and culture developed rapidly, creating a culturally diverse and relatively backwards nation relative to the rest of Strangereal. Lead by the Kegalish Dynasty, Daki established itself through hostile interactions with neighboring countries, using magic to force resources and payment to Daki.

By the year 1580, the goddess Hikagel once again made a deal with a minor noble, who led a revolt against the government in Daki. Although this attempt failed, the resulting effects brought about the collapse of the Dynasty. In the following period, multiple minor factions fought for control of the area, resulting in the Dead centuries. During this period, several invasions by Lotion Empire, established a human presence in the area, as well as bringing a large section of the nation under colonial rule.

In the year 1700, the nation was split between twenty three minor kingdoms, wracked by warfare. Once again a partnership was formed between Hikagel, and Shiamara young princess of the kingdom of Daki. Through a series of wars, she rapidly conquered neighboring states, creating a powerful state that encompassed a third of Daki. In response to the rapid growth of the state, the Mabashaka coalition was formed, encompassing thirteen kingdoms. After a decisive battle at the bay of steel, Daki's military forces were crushed, prompting the young princess to go into hiding.

As coalition forces made their way towards the capital of Daki, Kagishikura, they met little resistance. Reports described finding remnants of the military eager to surrender, claiming the majority of the remaining army had been killed in the Imperial Palace. A siege of Kagishikura began, blocking all entrance to the city, and artillery bombardment began on the city.

"And on the third night of the bombardment, a shrill scream ran through the air. It was loud and clear, ringing through the countryside. I crouched in my tent, wondering what creature could make such a ghastly noise. The camp was full of cries, and as I made my way out of my tent, I noticed the sky had become red as blood. When I turned towards the city, there she was, standing atop the broken palace." -Quotation by Kigaresh Suni, Colonel in the Coalition Armed Forces.

The sudden appearance of a Greater Witch in the capital city resulted in a rapid break of the siege. A combination of witch's fire, and a large horde of soldiers proved decisive. The forces of the newly crowned Witch Queen moved to attack the coalition, breaking apart desperate resistance. It was with the appearance of the Second and Third greater witches, in the capitols of the Coalition's largest states, that the fate of Daki was sealed, becoming a witch's realm.

Currently, Daki is a wasteland, with the inhabitants all under the influence of Thrall runes. The three great cities are the homes of over 99% of inhabitants, where feeding can be optimized. Daki has little effect on the international community at large, only recently coming to light as a witch's realm.


The military of Daki is split between her living armed forces, consisting of about a thousand Fey, minor demons, the Twenty four Arcana], and the Witch's minions. The two halves work in tandem, often with the living forces establishing the groundwork for the summoning