Dane West

Dane West
Created byIsiah Fletcher
Original workArthurista

The Dane West series focuses on a fictional Arthuristan SIB operative. West's character was originally created in 1949 by writing Isiah Fletcher, who published several short stories in <a popular magazine>. In 1964, <Studio> purchased the rights for production from Fletcher, and produced the series first motion picture, The Genteel Dr. Wang in 1968. Since then 19 West movies, and numerous written works, comics and other media productions have been produced. The West movies are often noted for their varied musical scores, which have been recognized by several preforming arts institutions around the world, as well as the gadgets, guns and other various technology portrayed in them, and the West's relationships with various women through the series, whom are often referred to as "West girls".

Currently, West is played by Arthuristan actor Jonah Marshall, and has been since his 2002 debut in StarFlare, which holds the record for best grossing West film to date, earning of 250 million dollars internationally. Marshall has been the longest serving West, eclipsing the marks set by both his predecessors. Rumors of Marshall's retirement continue to circulate in the worlds entertainment circles, as no further work has occurred on a West movie following the release of Shadow Hand in 2015.

Starting in 1980, a reoccurring side character, Yisraeli RYIS agent Asher Frum, began appear movies working alongside West, especially when the movies plots are set in or centered around activities on the Scipian continent. Fans were very receptive to the duo, and starting in 1992, KMG-CE began producing movies with Frum as the main character.

Publication history

Creation and inspiration

West's character works for the Arthuristan Strategic Intelligence Bureau, the nations foreign intelligence service. West represents the SIB's "Black Section": A fictional section of the organization with a global remit and dispensation to carry out acts contrary to Arthuristan or international laws outside of Arthuristan jurisdiction.

Novels and related works



Year Title Role Notes
1968 The Genteel Dr. Wang Leigh Armstrong
1970 Leigh Armstrong
1975 A Time to Kill Leigh Armstrong
1977 Leigh Armstrong
1980 Scipian Nights Cedric Collins
1982 Cedric Collins
1984 Cedric Collins
1987 Cedric Collins
1989 Cedric Collins
1991 Cedric Collins
1993 Parker Gibson
1995 Parker Gibson
1998 Parker Gibson
2002 StarFlare Jonah Marshall
2006 Jonah Marshall
2008 Jonah Marshall
2010 Jonah Marshall
2013 Jonah Marshall
2015 Shadow Hand Jonah Marshall



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Guns, vehicles, and gadgets



In the original short stories by Isiah Fletcher, West was armed with an Arthuristan Webley Mk IV. However, Johnathan Parks, an Arthuristan military historian and firearms enthusiast wrote to Fletcher in 1953 and suggested that West should give up the revolver for a more modern semiautomatic firearm. The Nekorian Breza KSP 9x17 mm semiautomatic handgun was suggested by Parker for its compact size and light weight. Fletcher accepted the advice and began to correspond with Parker regarding firearms in use n his stories, as well as holsters and other pieces of military hardware. Parker received no compensation for his assistance except a signed copy of each of Fletcher's short stores. After his death in 1979, Parker's collection sold at auction for over 17 million dollars.

Paying homage to Parker's suggestion, the opening scene of the 1968 production of The Genteel Dr. Wang features West's commanding officer, the Directer of the SIB, ordering him to turn in his "antiqued" sidearm for a newer Berza P. West quips that the pistol is hardly any newer, and has only one more shot than his beloved Webley. Also, SIB's quartermaster in The Genteel Dr. Wang was named Major Parker.



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