Directorate of Military Intelligence (Sharifistan)

The Directorate of Military Intelligence (Askeri İstihbarat Müdürlüğü) is a Sharifistani intelligence agency composed mostly of personnel seconded from the military intelligence agencies (the Royal Sharifistani Army Intelligence Corps, the Naval Intelligence Section, the Royal Gendarmerie Intelligence Division and the Royal Air Cavalry Intelligence Corps) with handful of civilians mostly in in propaganda, analysis and administrative roles. The Director-General of the agency is Air Marshal Suleiman Ali Muhammad Effendi. It is known for it's secrecy, it's efficiency and the skill of it's personnel. It's headquarters and number of personnel are kept secret. Much information about it's structure is also kept secret.

Directorate of Military Intelligence
Askeri İstihbarat Müdürlüğü
Intelligence agency overview
Preceding agencies
JurisdictionSharifistani government
MottoAllah is the best of planners
Annual budget£6.04 billion
Minister responsible
Intelligence agency executives
  • Air Marshal Suleiman Ali Muhammad Effendi, Director-General
  • classified, Deputy Director-General
Parent departmentMinistry of Defence


Founded in 1922, it was first used to be oppose foreign invaders and Communists, opposing fascists being added as a later priority in 1925. Throughout the Second World War it's main role was gathering intelligence against the Axis Powers: Germany, Italy and Japan. In 1950, the focus shifted once more to opposing communists and gathering intelligence on the Soviet Union.

After 1995 the focus shifted to opposing Kurdish militias and after 1998 it also was instrumental in opposing groups that follow an extremist interpretation of Islam (Islam being Sharifistan's state and majority religion.)


It's role is "To defend the Sultan, people and religion of Sharifistan against: espionage,sabotage,invasion,terrorism and subversive organisations that intend to destroy the Sharifistani way of life and to gather intelligence to support decisions of the Sharifistani Armed Forces."