Royal Sharifistani Army Intelligence Corps

the Royal Sharifistani Army Intelligence Corps is a corps of the Royal Sharifistani Army responsible for gathering, analysing and conveying military intelligence as well as for counter-intelligence and security in partnership with other Directorate of Military Intelligence (Sharifistan) linked organisations.

Royal Sharifistani Army Intelligence Corps
Kraliyet Sharifistani Ordusu İstihbarat Birlikleri
CountryIslamic Sultanate of Sharifistan
Nickname(s)"The Unheard Of"
Motto(s)"Allah is the best of plotters"
Mascot(s)Aisha (a cat)
Equipmentrandom number generators, Sharifistani Craftsman Computers, missile launchers disguised as umbrellas and sniper rifles
DecorationsRoyal patronage and the Sultans' Valuable Service Award
Lieutenant-GeneralMehmet Suleimen Ali Osman
Major-GeneralAhmed Suleiman Khalid Mehmet Khan
An eye in a shield


It was started in 1922 and used to gather intelligence about invading European powers as well as about subversive movements such as republicanism, anti-monarchism, secularism, (at the time) liberalism, communism and fascism. Later in 1930 it uncovered widespread evidence of Italian war crimes and gather information for the Senussi rebels during the Pacification of Libya. During World War Two it dealt mainly with the problem of espionage from Axis Powers as well as rooting out fascist sympathisers. Later in the cold war it was used mostly against the Soviet Union in particular as well as Communists in general.


Enlisted soldier training consists of the following: After 14 week basic volunteer training (they do not recruit conscripts) they complete 20-week intelligence training before being commissioned at the rank of Naib Naik (Lance-Corporal).

Officer training consists of a 1 year Master of Military Science majoring in intelligence.

Notable members Queen Roxanne De France

Sultan Mehmet Khan II

Emir Suleiman Khan