Liga da Honra

Liga da Honra
Founded2000 (as the Segunda Divsão)
First season2000-01 Segunda Divsão
CountryDreamplanet.png Dreamplanet
ConfederationDreamplanetian Football Association
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid2
Relegation toNone
Domestic cup(s)Taça Dreamplanet
International cup(s)Series B Champions’ Cup
Current championsLinderton FC
(2002-03 Segunda Divsão)
Most championshipsCF Belrem
Linderton FC (1 title each)
TV partnersSportDP
2005-06 Liga da Honra

The Liga da Honra (originally called Segunda Divsão) is the second professional association football division of Dreamplanetian Football. As of the 2005–06 season, the Liga da Honra is contested by 16 teams, with no promotion or relegation much like the Liga Dreamplanet.

Founded in 2000 as the Segunda Divsão, it supplied teams to the Primeira Divsão, with Aurora remarkably getting 3rd every campaign under that format as the Segunda Divsão title exchanged hands 3 times, Aurora were eventually promoted under the Liga Dreamplanet restructuring and the Segunda Divsão folded.

The Segunda Divsão was brought back as a result of teams complaining that playing only in the Taça Dreamplanet hurt their development, the Liga da Honra was brought back with fewer teams and access to the Series B Champions’ Cup for the top 3 finishers.


The Segunda Divsão was made alongside the Primeira Divsão for the 2000-01 season, the top 2 went to the Primeira Divsão and the bottom 2 to the Segunda Divsão, Belrem were the inaugural champions followed by Barta, for the final season Linderton won on goal average.


Club Location
Academica de Aurora Aurora
Atlético CD Libon
Aurora FC Aurora
Avendomar Avendomar
Cova da Força Matigenses
Estrela da Ilha Ilha dos Navegadores
FC Fidelidade Linderton
Matre Praia Matre
Naval de Adina Adina
Linderton FC Ilha dos Navegadores
Navio SC Matigenses
Rio Nacional Aurora
SC Brendia Brendia
Varzim FC Mortimão
Vitória de Bondade Ashter

Past Winners

Season Champion Points Runner-up Points Third place Points Teams Rounds
Segunda Divisão
  2000-01 CF Belrem 79 SL Benrita 76 Aurora FC 74 16 46
  2001-02 Barta 65 Boacity FC 54 Aurora FC 53 16 30
  2002-03 Linderton FC 85 Matigenses FC 85 Aurora FC 71 16 46
Liga da Honra
  2005-06 14 26