The Kingdom of Ejufa

Arms of Alfred Robert Grindlay as Mayor of Coventry.svg.png
Ejufan COA
Motto: Ntabwo Dutanze
Location of Ejufa
Largest cityFatique
Working languagesKinyarwanda, Tutsan, Sesothan
Recognized Regional Languages
Ethnic groups
Hutu (63%)
Twa (27%)
Tutsi (10%)
+ 100s of smaller cultures in the nation
GovernmentUnitary provisional government under a military junta
• King
Robert Karangwa
• Advisor
Joel Ekowa
LegislatureThe First Kingdom of Ejufa
• Early Human Migration
• Yuar River Civilisation
• Kingdom of Ejufa
• 2021 estimate
12.65 Million
• 2011 census
CurrencyGurani (ʔ) (GUR)
Time zoneUTC+5 (UTC)
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideright
Calling code+250
ISO 3166 codeEJU
Internet TLD.EJ

Ejufa is a sovereign nation of 12 million people located in Anteria, on the continent of Astariax. Known for it's environmental beauty, the nation has struggled in recent years due to lack of government funding. Officially, Ejufa is recognised as a third-world country due to the corrupt government. The nation is home to thousands of animal species, being one of the most naturally diverse regions of Anteria. The nation is bordered by Eastarland to the south.

Ejufa is thought to be one of the originations of the human race before migration away from the territory, around 1.8 million years ago. The people mostly still live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, if they live outside one of the major cities.


Ejufa can be divided into Eju (Home) and Fa (Plateu). Plateu represents the Mashasha Plateu, a large flat area which is rich for hunting and gathering for the peoples of Ejufa.



The first evidence of human life in Ejufa originates to about 1.9 million years ago, however it wasn't the same life as it is today. Known as the Homo-Erectus, these people lived in the region for up to 500,000 years. After that, Homo-Neanderthal's began to pop-up in the region, and most migrated down the river.

Those that remained in the region had to adapt to being able to run from the animal life in the region, such as lions, cheetahs and jaguars. Roughly 500,000 years ago, what we now know as humans, homo-sapiens, appeared.

Yuar River Civilisation

The Yuar River Civilisation was one of the oldest civilisations in Anteria, starting in 3400BC and lasting up until 1500BC. The first full human civilisation in Ejufa, the Yuar River Civilisation was built on the base of the Yuar river.

For a few hundred years, this was one of Anteria's biggest civilisations