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Eldmarkian Krona

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Eldmarkian Krona
Eldmarks Kronor (Geatish)
EKR 1KronaOBV.png
A currently issued 1 Krona Bill
ISO 4217
 Freq. usedK1, K5, K10, K20, K100
 Rarely usedK50
User(s) Eldmark
Central bankRiksbank Eldmark
Value1 K = 0.23 EUC

The Eldmarkian Krona is the official currency of Eldmark, issued by the Riksbank Eldmark.


The The name “Krona” is Geatish for "crown.” From the time of Geatish colonial rule, the Krona was used as a currency, in silver form, using the silver standard of valuation. When Eldmark declared independence from the Geatish government, the currency lost a significant amount of value and, for a brief time, the Eldmarsk provisional governments issued the Papperkrona, a currency not backed by silver or gold, only on the credibility of the government, to finance the war. Shortly after the Krona was reintroduced to the silver standard. After the Great War, the currency was switched to a fiat currency with a floating exchange rate.

Exchange rate

The Riksbank Eldmark, Eldmark's central bank, manages the exchange rate of the krona in times of economic issue, therefore giving the currency in that time period a managed float exchange rate.

The advantages that Eldmark reaps from having a floating/managed float exchange rate is primarily the ability for it to absorb immediate economic shock or currency crisises, while allowing for the Riksbank to intervene if needed.


Current Series
Image Value Main Colour Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
EKR 1KronaOBV.png EKR 1KronaREV.png 1 Krona Blue Charge of the Light Cavalry at Kvällholm, Eldmarsk Secessionists praying before a battle, Erik I Desert Hummingbird and Cactus Flower, Platefält, Ödemark
EKR 5KronaOBV.png EKR 5KronaREV.png 5 Kronor Olive Diagram of Fortress Ästeria, Mariranan and Eldmarsk ships battling in the Arucian, Harald I Hyacinth Macaw on a limb, Hamvarsund Rainforest, Hornmark
EKR 10KronaOBV.png EKR 10KronaREV.png 10 Kronor Red Railway Cannon "Big Karl", Battle of Vaxholmen, Karl I Cormorant on a rock, Storabryggan National Park, Väno
EKR 20KronaOBV.png EKR 20KronaREV.png 20 Kronor Green Diagram of a M234 Hammarkannon, the ESS Adelström on the hunt for submarines in the Vehemens, Frederick I Lesser Rhea, Gröntbergen, Nåstad
EKR 50KronaOBV.png EKR 50KronaREV.png 50 Kronor Orange Quill and ink used to sign the Författningen, First session of the Riksdag, Elianora I Golden eagle on a branch, Himdal National Park, Alestad
EKR 100KronaOBV.png EKR 100KronaREV.png 100 Kronor Purple White poppy flower, Mural of the Unity of Man, Frederick II Secretarybird attacking a rinkhal, Kaktusfält, Tömmastad


Current Series
Image Value Metal Description
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
1ore.png 1orettails.png 1 öre Zinc, Copper Erik I and cypher, country name, denomination Year, troops holding the line during the Asterian War for Independence, denomination, "Freedom and Prosperity"
5ore.png 5oretails.png 5 öre Nickel, Copper Edvard I and cypher, country name, denomination Year, Farmer with horse and plow, factory, denomination, "Agriculture and Industry"
10ore.png 10oretails.png 10 öre Nickel, Copper Harald I and cypher, country name, denomination Year, Sailing of the steamship Sovereign towards Astoria, denomination, "Commerce and Invention"
25ore.png 25oretails.png 25 öre Zinc, Copper Erik II and cypher, country name, denomination Year, Schoolhouse founded as a result of the Mannenheim Education Movement, denomination, "Order and Progress"
50ore.png 50oreconcepttails.png 50 öre Ryggrad Gold, Nickel Karl I and cypher, country name, denomination, oak and olive wreath Year, Angel of Peace carrying a banner reading "Peace and Victory, 1934," denomination, oak and olive wreath
1kronacoin.png 1kronacointails.png 1 Krona Ryggrad Gold, Nickel Thyri I and cypher, country name, denomination, oak and olive wreath Year, National symbol of Eldmark, denomination, "Queen and Country," oak and olive wreath