Elliana Sarissita-Trento

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Elliana Sarissita-Trento
Empress of the Cacertian Empire
Reign14 March 1875 -
11 December 1938
Coronation11 May 1875
SuccessorRosalia I
Prime MinisterSee List
Queen of the Unified States of Cacerta
Reign14 March 1875 –
11 December 1938
Coronation11 May 1875
PredecessorVictor I
SuccessorRosalia I
Queen of the Kingdom of Allamunnika
Reign14 March 1875 –
2 March 1922
Coronation11 May 1875
PredecessorMary IV
Queen of Alscia
Reign30 April 1908 –
11 December 1938
Coronation11 May 1908
SuccessorRosalia I
Born(1849-11-23)23 November 1849
Innesburg, Kingdom of Allamunnika
Died11 December 1938(1938-12-11) (aged 89)
Vichenza, Cacertian Empire
Burial21 December 1938
Vichenza, Cacerta
SpouseDante Trento
IssueJohanna, Princess Royal
Princess Agnese, Duchess of Terama
Prince Emanuele, Duke of Avelino
Prince Marcello, Duke of Parma
Full name
Elliana Ina Louise Sarissita-Trento
HouseHouse of Sarissita
FatherVictor Sarissita
MotherMary Kaalvyrt

Elliana I (Elliana Ina Louise Sarissita; 23 November 1849 – 11 December 1938) was the Empress of the Cacertian Empire from 14 March 1875 until her death. She was crowned Queen of the Unified States of Cacerta and Queen of the Kingdom of Allamunnika in early May 1875; Elliana would later create the union between the two monarchies that eventually resulted in the foundation of the Cacertian Empire.

Elliana was the daughter of King Victor I, who had led a successful military campaign to unite the Cacertian Isles, and Queen Mary IV of Allamunnika. She inherited the throne from her father at the age of 26 as the eldest child of her parents and became a national icon as a result of her youth and charisma. Elliana’s time as Empress was characterized by her military and cultural ambition, making Cacerta a regional military power and introducing social reforms that would lay the foundations for the modern society that the Kingdom possesses today. Her rule of Cacerta for 63 years makes her the longest-reigning Cacertian monarch in Cacerta’s history.

She is considered, by many historians, to be one of Cacerta’s and Allamunnika’s most successful rulers as both nations saw extensive advancements in scientific, industrial, and military technology during her reign. Elliana remains a very popular figure in Cacertian culture. The later years of her rule, however, were marred by the collapse of the union between Allamunnika and Cacerta as well as a number of costly wars that eventually led to the Empire’s dissolution under her granddaugher in 1940.

Childhood to Adult Life


Elliana was educated by a number of tutors hired by her father during her childhood and for much of her adolescent life. Even after reaching the age of sixteen, considered the age of adulthood at the time, Elliana was keen on reading various books and continuing to be educated by her tutors. Given her father’s background as a military commander, Elliana also developed an interest in military matters and often spoke with the Royal Guards in both Allamunnika and Cacerta as she grew up.

Personal Life

Elliana lived a balanced life that included both the politics of her massive Empire and the fun-loving nature that characterized her personality. She was also noted for being an extremely quick thinking and tactful ruler, often observing the combat performed by her generals and providing them with criticism following the close of their battles.

She had her first child, Johanna Sarissita at the age of 21 with Royal Guard Alessandro Danzi, before she married Dante Trento in 1874. Her second daughter, Agnese Sarissita, was also a result of her relationship with Danzi.


Accession and Coronation

Elliana became queen at the age of 26 following her father's death, her claim to the throne solidified as the eldest child of her parents Victor and Mary.

Unification of Cacerta and Allamunnika

Annexation of Dreyesau

Lirinyii Campaign

Cacerta-Xevden War

Allamunnic Revolution

Divide War

Declining Health and Death

Empress Elliana died on the evening of 11 December 1938 as a result of her advanced age of 89 years. The Royal airship, Lionheart, carried her coffin through the skies of Vichenza until reaching its outskirts of the city where her father was buried. Her funeral, held three days later, was a major state affair and she was interred in the Sarissita family tomb at the Palazzo Vichenza.


Princess Rosalia Sarissita, Johanna’s daughter, became Queen on 28 December 1938.


Titles, Styles, Honors, and Arms

Titles and Styles

  • 23 November 1849 – 14 March 1875: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal Elliana
  • 14 March 1875 – 11 December 1938: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Elliana
    • 14 March 1875 – 11 December 1938: Her Majesty Elliana, Queen of the Unified States of Cacerta
    • 14 March 1875 – 2 March 1922: Her Majesty Elliana, Queen of the Kingdom of Allamunnika

Elliana’s full grand title after the union of Cacerta and Allamunnika was



From 23 November 1865 until her accession, Elliana’s coat of arms consisted of a combination of that of her father’s and mother’s coat of arms. Later, after she had declared the creation of the union between Cacerta and Allamunnika, Elliana adopted a new coat of arms that would also represent her Empire.

Coat or arms of Elliana as Princess Royal (1865 - 1875)
Coat of arms of Empress Elliana I following the union of Cacerta and Allamunnika