Emerson, Pavonistade

Skyline of Emerson
Skyline of Emerson
Country Pavonistade
ProvinceNorth Pavonistade
 • MayorBa'ar Velaomatt
 • Vice MayorAlexandra Desmond
 • Total799,468
 • Density2,514.8/km2 (6,513/sq mi)

Emerson, also sometimes known as Pavonistade City, is the capital city of Pavonistade. The three branches of the federal Pavonistadian government are located in Emerson, and the city is a federal district under the direct supervision of the Pavonistadian government.

The city is situated in North Pavonistade. The city was historically an indigenous village established by the Jopj Combine in 500 BCE. It gradually expanded due to potential for exploiting the nearby Tipping River and Pavonistadian Sea. Soon after British Pavonistade was founded in 1619 CE, a trading post was established nearby by Captain Walter Emerson that eventually developed into a populated settlement, named after its founder. Later, Emerson is linked to numerous other cities by the Trans-Pavonistadian Highway.

Emerson is among the top 20 most populated cities of Pavonistade. The combined statistical region of Emerson has a population of approximately 800 thousand as of 2013, with most inhabitants living in the metropolitan area. Aside from federal and municipal institutions, many non-governmental organizations are headquartered in Emerson.