Esquarian Games

Esquarian Games
First eventNovember 2013
Occur every6 months (Winter and Summer combined)
PurposeBringing Esquarium closer through sports
HeadquartersSome city, Unolia
PresidentTemplate:Country data Unolia Something Kim

The Esquarian Games are a multi-sport event in Esquarium. It is the largest modern, multi-sport event of regional significance, and popular in many countries. There are two multi-sport events that make up the Esquarian Games: the Esquarian Summer Games and the Esquarian Winter Games. Both games are held yearly.

List of Editions


Year Host city
2014 Ainin Hartly, Ainin
2015 Not held
2016 Template:Country data Freyhill Borneung, Freyhill


Year Host city
2014 Template:Country data Unolia Brookopolis, Unolia
2015 Not held
2016 TBA

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