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Orbital characteristics
5670000 km (3520000 mi)
27.3 d (0.90 months)
Satellite ofAurorum
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
6371 km (3959 mi)
5.101 × 108 km2
Volume1.083 × 1012 km3
Mass5.97 × 1024 kg
Mean density
5.51 g/cm3
9.807 m/s2
11.2 km/s
0.997 d
Albedo0.306 (Bond)
Surface pressure
1 atm (100 kPa)

Esquarium is the outermost major satellite of Aurorum, and the only astronomical object in the Universe known to harbour life. Located within the circumstellar habitable zone alongside Aurorum and its other satellites, the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere of Esquarium results in it being the only celestial body with confirmed permanent presence of liquid water in significant quantity.

Believed to have formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago, Esquarium is hypothesised to originate as a terrestrial planet orbiting the Sun directly, before being captudd by Aurorum during its inward migration as its largest satellite. This is supported by the large size of the world, as well as it being the only known spherical astronomical object in the Solar System to possess retrograde rotation, rotating counterclockwise while the Sun and all other major celestial bodies rotate clockwise. Current model in astrophysics suggest the retrograde rotation of Esquarium stabilises its axial tilt and thus climate, which might be necessary for a world to develop life.

Esquarium is the home world of humanity, the only known intelligent life in the Universe. Archaeological evidences suggest that anatomically modern humans first appeared about 200,000 years ago, the outward migration of which gradually supplementing other archaic humans as the dominant species of the world. Since the beginning of the Holocene epoch 12,000 years ago which marked the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution and agriculture, human activity has drastically changed the geography and biosphere of Esquarium through urbanisation and deforestation.

The contemporary Esquarium is divided in geopolitical entities, nation-states, administering territories. The world today is linked together through trade and globalised culture, and by international bodies working towards peace, such as the OEN and EC. However, it still remains a very volatile place but since the mid-20th century has seen an unprecedented period of relative peace brought by the advent of globalisation and nuclear deterrance. Significant tensions still remain between groups and ideologies competing for hegemony after a Volatile Century.







Short and formal names Capital Population Government
 Ainin – Aininian Republic Huimont 256,792,875 Parliamentary republic
 Akai – Thearchy of the Great Kinh Qung 531,977,241 Absolute monarchy
 Aucuria – Aucurian Republic Kalnaspilis 11,360,284 Presidential republic
Template:Country data Chenturia – Chenturia Nefeyant 27,792,875 Absolute monarchy
 Essenia – Essenian Free State Júrava 6,184,000 Presidential republic
 Haveno Sekura – Confederation of Haveno Sekura Haveno Sekura City 12,687,484 Presidential republic
 Hetfold – Fourth Republic of Hetfold Levitzag 130,013,654 Parliamentary republic
 Ianxia – Empire of Ianxia Nanking 117,946,562 Constitutional monarchy
 Inaltia – Inaltian State Vascau 31,032,012 Constitutional monarchy
 Karazawa – Kingdom of Karazawa Zacapatu 90,755,833 Constitutional monarchy
 Katranjiev – Kingdom of Katranjiev Krasimir 24,995,701 Constitutional monarchy
 Lecia – Lecian Workers' Republic Szimóngôcz 6,282,690 Presidential republic
 Maradu – Kingdom of Maradu Akkara 52,543,324 Constitutional monarchy
 Mespalia – Kingdom of Mespalia Iouzzene 35,265,835 Constitutional monarchy
 Milenka – Commonwealth of Milenka Vladika 102,694,311 Parliamentary republic
 Minh Vuat - Commonwealth of the Minh and Vuat Hukang 76,332,012 Parliamentary republic
 Nameria – United Republics of Nameria Tula 121,516,040 Presidential republic
 Siphria – Empire of Siphria Aqrū 32,518,120 Absolute monarchy
 Tuthina – Most Serene Empire Sakan 95,176,284 Absolute monarchy
 Wosrac – Kingdom of Wosrac Mulford 21,078,000 Constitutional monarchy
Total 1,588,848,728