Flag of Estoca
"Solidarity and Nationality" (English)
GovernmentMeritocratic Elective Autocracy
• Strategos
Stjepan Carne
Alan Hapter
Ypres Duvon
Alezic Vuyskiv
LegislatureNational Assembly
• 2020 estimate
GDP (PPP)2021 Estimate estimate
• Total
3.18 Trillion
• Per capita
54,509 G$
Gini (2021)50
HDI (2021).798
Driving sideright

Estoca, officially known as the Commonwealth of Estoca is an elective autocracy located on the continent of Euronia in the Coalition of Crown Albatross. It is bordered by The Slavic Union to the north and Paraboca to the west.



The Geography of the Commonwealth is one of the key reasons it has been able to maintain its sovereignity even throughout the aftermath of the September Coup and the conquests of the Parabocan Empire.

The center of southern Estoca, leading up to the north and the coast is the Raska Valley, a massive valley with several rivers, forests and fertile fields spread throughout it. At it's northern edge it is met with the coastline and the Northern Ocean, and to the south by Vadim Mountains. The Raska Valley is the heartland of Estoca, and contains the highest percentage of its population, industrial sectors and agricultural centers within the whole country.

The Vadim Mountains to the south, the barrier that protected the then-newborn Commonwealth against the Parabocans in 1901, are the single most important feature within Estoca, barring the heartland itself. The Vadim Mountains have major mineral deposits such as tungsten, lithium, platinum, iron, tin and other minerals, and also have several underground water deposits and even several historical sites from early Estocan history. The Vadim provide over 68% of Estoca's raw resources and are heavily protected by the Commonwealth's armed forces.


The governing system of the Commonwealth is a complicated one, but one that has allowed Estoca to maintain a political climate devoid of even noticeable corruption and incompetence, making most news stories of corruption headline news.

The center of it all is the Strategos, the leader of the Commonwealth. The position is an elected one that serves for life, but though it is granted great power, it is not immune to the consequences of misuse. The Strategos, if found guilty by the National Assembly of tyranny, corruption or treason, can be brought before the assembly and put on trial for dismissal. If a dismissal occurs then a new election is immediately held, and during the inter-election period the Head of the Assembly handles all matters of state. The Strategos is able to appoint ministers within his administration and is the head of diplomatic affairs, military affairs and domestic affairs, handling all institutions indirectly through his ministers, whom are entrusted to handle their respective institutions in place of the Strategos.

The National Assembly is the main democratic body of the government and is the single most important body of legislation within the Commonwealth. The National Assembly is comprised of twelve representatives from each of the major regions in Estoca, all of whom are drawn from the administrative bodies of those regions. The Assembly is immune to any and all legislation changing its function or changing its fundamental rules without the approval of 1/3 of the representatives. The Assembly holds the power to charge a Strategos with the three main crimes which can give the Assembly the ability to remove them: Tyranny, Treason, and Corruption. The Assembly is also able to launch an investigation into any minister or military official appointed directly by the Strategos, and it is the only legislative body in which only the Head of Institution needs to take a merit test.

Although the Assembly wields much power over the Strategos and his appointed offices, the Assembly is incapable of proposing any policy, law or plan at all and therefore cannot affect matters of state or foreign relations without having the correct Minister or the Strategos propose/ratify the bill.