Greater Dienstad

Greater Dienstad
DemonymGreater Díenstadi

Greater Díenstad is a long-standing roleplaying region first founded in mid-2005. Many of the original members of the region, including region-founder The Macabees and Stevid, had migrated from Imperial Armies, which had recently lost its founder — Guffingford — as a result of a "delete on sight." Greater Díenstad soon surpassed its predecessor in activity and international renown, establishing itself as one of the three-great roleplaying regions between roughly 2006–09 along with Haven and Gholgoth. Despite a brief period of relative inactivity, the region currently enjoys a restored period of high activity thanks, in large part, to other nations that joined Greater Díenstad after the War of Golden Succession, a major region-wide conflict roleplayed between 2005–08. Many of these 'second generation' Díenstadi players include Lamoni, Lyras, United Gordonopia, and Wanderjar. Known for its long-time refusal to password protect itself, Greater Díenstad is always open to new roleplayers and is characterized by a laid-back, drama-free approach to cooperative storytelling. Cosmopolitan, accepting, and always a patron of the unique, Greater Díenstad welcomes all cultures, all forms of government, and all players willing to have fun.



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