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Etiquette and customs of the Velikograd Court

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Etiquette and customs of the Velikograd Court comprise a group of traditions and customs that developed organically over a period of 1072 years from the rule of Dagan I to the present day under Alexis V. A list of all of these, current and historical, is maintained in the Saga of the Court in the Library of Velikograd. These customs govern such things as dress code, appropriate manners of address, and even setting tables and dealing with servants.


Styles of Meeting

Meeting the Tsar and Tsaritsa

Meeting a Grand Prince or Grand Princess

Meeting a Grand Duke


Day to day activities

Access to the Tsar and his family

Dress Code

Court Dress

Color coding

Color coding for garments is regulated based on rank. Initially, such colors were limited by the availability of dye in the early middle ages and are ranked by the expense they cost when Vitomir I introduced the Dress of Ranks in 1501. As dyes have become more varied and widely available, aristocrats have began to wear different shades of their ranked colors and ostentatious colors became common. Oftentimes, aristocrats will display gemstones or other wealth on their court uniforms. The type of stone that can be displayed on one's clothing is also determined by rank. Incorporating gemstones is considered optional despite the customs that govern their incorporation.

Tsar, Tsaritsa, and their direct descendants

An example of Velikoslav blue

The Tsar, Tsaritsa, and their direct descendants customarily wear garments of Velikoslav Blue for sessions of court. Usage of the color is banned for any other member of court. Velikoslav blue is made from Vitomite, a special mineral found in the northern regions of Velikoslavia originally discovered under Vitomir I. Due to its rarity, the amount of mineral required to dye a garment, and the difficulty to access it, garments dyed Velikoslav Blue are traditionally extremely expensive.

Members of the direct Imperial Family also are permitted to have any number of sapphire gems on their garments. Though no Velikoslav lords, ladies, or courtiers may wear sapphires, this particular custom does not apply to foreigners. The customary ban on Velikoslav Blue also does not technically apply, but it would still be considered rude. One large Alexandrite that is green in color is also worn to denote Telerian heritage. Only those families with Telerian heritage may traditionally wear an Alexandrite.

Grand Princess and Princesses

navy blue, aquamarine, Alexandrite to denote Telerian heritage

Grand Dukes and Askemann

crimson, ruby, may wear Alexandrite to denote Telerian heritage







Appropriate uses of differing outfits