Fiach Tána

Fiach Tána
King of the Uí Midire
Died19 March 793
Lisdare, The Angle
HouseUí Midire
FatherTadhg Ilmhaoineach

Fiach Tána (d. 19 March 793), Fiach of the Cattle-raid, was King of the Uí Midire from 790 until his death, during the Tumult. He deposed his brother, Cormac, in the Battle of Mag Geimrech before being crowned at Lisdare.

Fiach was an unpopular king, especially among the bards and the clerics, and the Annals of Ecriu portray him as a usurper fratricide against whom "the earth itself did rebel". He died in 793; the Annals describe him being thrown from his horse and dying in a ditch. The nineteenth century historian Micheál Ua Loingsigh argues that, in reality, Fiach was most likely attacked and murdered on the road by malcontent ecclesiastics. After his death, the Uí Midire elected Eóghan, the nephew of Cormac, as their king.

Annals of Ecriu

  • 790.4 – A battle at Mag Geimrech between Cormac of the Midire and his brother Fiach Tána in which Cormac was defeated and seven hundreds were slain in battle. Cormac himself was killed by the hand of his brother. Fiach was crowned king of the Midire at the Oakenfort.
  • 790.5 – The bards of Eochaill did curse Fiach Tána the king of the Midire and spread this report widely throughout the land and the earth itself did rebel against the usurper.
  • 793.4 – Fiach Tána, usurper king of the Midire, was riding about his lands by the Oakenfort on the Feast of Saint Joseph the good provider and he was cast from his steed into a ditch and there met his end. The people of the Midire convened at Eochaill and there they chose for their king Eóghan nephew of Cormac and he was crowned king there by the chief bishop of the Midire.
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