King of the Uí Midire
Reignc. 774 –790
PredecessorTadhg Ilmhaoineach
SuccessorFiach Tána
Mag Geimrech, Tyrmidra
HouseUí Midire
FatherTadhg Ilmhaoineach

Cormac (c. 740–790) was King of the Uí Midire after the death of his father, Tadhg Ilmhaoineach. He was slain in the Battle of Mag Geimrech by his brother, Fiach Tána, in 790, during a period known as the Tumult.

Like his father, Cormac was a popular and effective ruler, according to the Annals of Ecriu. In 785, at the outset of the Tumult, he responded to a grain shortage by distributing bread from his storerooms at Eochaill. He maintained the close relationship between the Midrian crown and the Bardic College in Eochaill, which contributed to his popularity and led to numerous poems praising his reign after his death. He was less effective in military matters: in 787, an army from Fearann Ard penetrated as far as Lisdare before it was defeated.

Annals of Ecriu

  • 785.4 – Men from all across the wide lands of the Midire travelled in this autumn to their lord Cormac, who gave the weary rest and the hungry bread.
  • 786.2 – The bard Mael Dearg did visit the court of Cormac of the Midire and there was a great feast.
  • 787.3 – A battle between the men of Fearann Ard and the men of Eochaill at the Oakenfort, at which four hundreds fell and the victory fell on Cormac of the Midire and the men of Fearann Ard were put to flight.
  • 790.4 – A battle at Mag Geimrech between Cormac of the Midire and his brother Fiach Tána in which Cormac was defeated and seven hundreds were slain in battle. Cormac himself was killed by the hand of his brother. Fiach was crowned king of the Midire at the Oakenfort.
Preceded by
Tadhg Ilmhaoineach
King of the Uí Midire
Succeeded by
Fiach Tána