First Birth

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First Birth

The "First Birth" is the day when the first child of full Sloughttopian citizenship was born. It takes place on Shawwal 14/ April 23, and occurred in 1445/2024. On this day, Jimaliyat Jindstadt became the first baby born with full Sloughttopian citizenship. She was born at the Royal Minajaji Midtown Municipal Hospital, where her laboring mother was treated with utmost comfort. It is also known as "Starting Day", "First Day", and "First Child's Day", but it is commonly known as the "First Birth", which is true from Sloughttopian standards. The government has even considered making First Birth a holiday that would occur on Shawwal 14, every year. The day would represent sustenance, good health, fertility for the country, and a long reign for the government. As Valentine's Day is not nationally recognized in Sloughttopia, this could become an alternative.