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Queendom of Sloughttopia

Flag of Sloughttopia
Coat of arms of Sloughttopia
Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom, Progress, Inclusiveness
Anthem: Thanks to our Queen
Map of Sloughttopia.jpg
Map of Sloughttopia
Official languagesEnglish, Arabic, French, Somali, Korean
Ethnic groups
Slought, Burkinabe, Somali, Arab
GovernmentDual Monarchy
• Queen
Queen Keni I
• Prime Minister
Yuni Williams
• Census
CurrencySloughttopian Shilling
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code19-19

The Queendom of Sloughttopia (Arabic: كويندوم من سلوتوبيا), or commonly known as Sloughttopia is a smaller island country in the East Pacific. It consists of 5 major cities: Leiville, Samoflop, Hanslay, Beach Yoonia, and the capital city, Minajaji. While sloughttopia has no land borders, it is a part of the Flop archipelago, an island complex in the East Pacific that consists of 3 other countries, DaBoyz, Floptropica, and Landiland. The population is about 10 million people, which makes it the 2nd most populous country in the Flop archipelago.


Sloughttopia was originally the Floptropican island of 'Slutubya' (Sloo-too-bya) in the early 16th century. Settlers first arrived on the island shortly after they first came to Chile, but they found the constant eruptions of Sloughttopia's volcano, Mt. Jiafei, troublesome and annoying, so they left. As early as 2 CE, slought settlers, who came from African and Arab countries like modern-day Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Somalia, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia, settled in sloughttopia, in placed undiscovered by the Spanish. When the BDSYland territories in the modern-day flop islands broke apart, Slutubya fell under floptropican control. Later, during  BDSY war i, Da Boyz conquered Slutubya and blanketed them in the same oppression as the rest of Da Boyz. Towards the end of BWi, Floptropica regained Slutubya and had Da Boyz pay reparations. 


Slutubya is a majority Muslim country and has been so since around 614 CE. This created political and social issues during the 2000s when Islamphobia rose, and in the 2020s when heterophobia began to rise. Before its independence, Slutubya only had 1 university which caused sloughts to look for education elsewhere. Many colleges and Flops made it very clear that they supported this discrimination and forced sloughts to get lower grade education and feel unwelcome in Floptropica. As of December 30, 2023, this has been abolished as the First United Flop Nations Congress voted on an amendment that stop this. To solve this issue, the Slutubya Hijabi's Association (SHA) came together and founded the Queendom of Sloughttopia on August 8, 2023 with President Keni Ali becoming Queen Keni I.


Sloughttopia is a Dual Monarchy which means power is almost equally split between a reigning monarch, Queen Keni I and the prime minister, Yuni Wiliams. After independence, a poll was held to see if the country was monarchy or democracy-sided. This decides whether the reigning monarch or prime minister gets the extra 1% of power (in which case the queen won).


Sloughttopia has a strong and fast-growing economy, with the GDP going from 19 billion USD to 190 billion USD in 10 years. As of january, 2024, the GDP is around 375 Billion, this makes it the second richest country in the Flop archiplago, following Floptropica. They have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, and the average IQ is 130. The Sloughttopia Royal Military is still developing, with over 500,000 military officials. Sloughttopia is working with Floptropica to invest in education to raise the literacy rates in both countries. Their militaries are working together to destroy the Da Boyz Empire and the Prince of Sloughttopia says that they will be destroyed by 2030.

Sloughttopia's major exports are pink (Sloughttopian) salt, sea salt, Flopinium ore, cereal, gold, soybeans, velvet, and diamonds. Sloughttopia profits most of it's minerals and ores, Flopinium, gold, diamons, and rubies which make up 63% percent of it's exports and 14% of it's economy. It also profits off of it's white and green velvets, which are made of silk from the Floptropican Lotus which can only grow naturally in 3 countries. This velvet makes up about 13% of their exports and 5% of their economy. Sloughttopia is also the major exporter of Electric vehicles which allows the country to have easy access to these green materials. Sloughttopia is also known for being one of the few countries to grow rose chocolate, which comes from a careful process called cacurosification, where farmers pick cacao fruits that grow near, and are contaminated by the nearby mines of flopinium (which is perfectly edible while also beautiful).

About half of Sloughttopia's economy is based off of education and jobs in engineering, law, and aeronautics. To get this into perspective, at the start of 2010, before Sloughttopia became independent, Sloughttopia's GDP was at around 19 Billion. Then they built the University of Slutubya, which, after 10 years, made way for the economy to go up to 10x that at 190 Billion in 2020. Then, in 2023, the Slutubya independence movement started and the uofficial government started construction of many more schools, airports, universities, and courthouses. In just 4 years after that, Sloughttopia's GDP went from 194 Billion to nearly double that, 374 Billion.

Sloughttopia's economy is also strong due to coopertion and deals which have allowed for thigns like trade. Some major examples of this are when Floptropica peacefully allowed the independence of Sloughttopia in August of 2023 and when Sloughttopia and Tiktokkia made a trading deal.


Sloughttopia is a relatively small country, at only about 112 square miles. Even for such a small country, it has a large population due to the many apartment skyscrapers and excellent land usage. Most people in Sloughttopia ride bikes, take trains, and drive EVs, which has lowered the traffic rates as well as the CO2 emissions. Sloughttopia is also home to one of the most unique volcanoes in the world, Mt. Jiafei. What makes this volcano so unique is that it erupts on average three times every spring and spouts magenta lava due to the high exposure of the flopinium mineral. Sloughttopia is mostly temperate, with winters of temperatures as low as -9°C and summers as hot as 35°C. Sloughttopia is also home to a rainforest and temperate desert. Most of Sloughttopia's population lives on or somewhere near the coast. Sloughttopia is also one of the world's most biodiverse countries in the world.

Sloughttopia Air Quality Map.png

Sloughttopia has a good air and ground quality. The average air quality in Sloughttopia is 30 on the Air quality index (AQI). The capital city, Minajaji has an AQI of 28 and they have maintained it below 32 since 1945. Sloughttopia has acheived this with their strict regulations on pollution and emmisions. The country isn't allowed to build any polluting factories and full gas powered cars aren't allowed into the country. Each and every one of Sloughttopia's factories and plants run off of steam, electricity, water, wind, nuclear power, etc. Almost every car in Sloughttopia is either an EV or hybrid vechicle. This has also allowed for Sloughttopia, unlike most other countries, to not rely on petrol for cars, meaning inflation in Sloughttopia is one of the lowest.

International Relations

Sloughttopia doesn't have relations with many other countries, but it does have a good relationship with the country that it was formerly a part of, Floptropica. Floptropica and Sloughttopia formed an alliance after BDSY war V started and they both supply each other with things like education and architectural knowledge with thinks like weaponry, supplies, and military knowledge. Their relationship with Da Boyz is very strained as they have been at war with eachother since August of 2023. Da Boyz is claiming Sloughttopia as theirs even though, politically, it hasn't been that way since 1877. The newest relations with Sloughttopia is the Sloughttopia-Landiland alliance. Sloughttopia has officially recognized Landiland as a sovereign nation in exchange for an alliance to defeat Da Boyz in the BDSY war V. The two have recently been working together to combine their military power and knowledge to defeat DaBoyz. They have also explored many megaprojects like the Northern Black Bridge and the Truthahn Milosevic International airport.

Sloughttopia has a very large economy, and its citizens use the Sloughttopian Shilling (STS), which is worth $10 USD. Poverty rates are very low at.2%, and the class-style way of telling status almost doesn't exist. The official languages of Sloughttopia are English, Arabic, French, Korean, and Somali. Most people in Sloughttopia mainly speak English with Arabic as a side language, but it depends on where you live. 

City First Language Second Language
Minajaji English Arabic
Samoflop French Somali
Jiacakke English Arabic
Hanslay English Korean
Leiville English Arabic
Beach Yoonia English Arabic


Religion in Sloughttopia.png

Islam dominate Sloughttopia with almost 8 Million Muslims. The rest being mostly christian and other beliefs. In Sloughttopia, rights of freedom, including religion, are very important to their economy. Most people are immigrants or children of immigrants etc. of muslims. This results in many of the buildings in Sloughttopia being mosques and some cities are even situated around them like ancient arab villlages. Even though they speak mostly English, most people greet each other with the Arabic greeting "A'salam Alaykum" which is a greeting that most Muslims use.


Sloughttopia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. The Languages are based off of immigration. The oldest language in Sloughttopia was Spanish by the Spanish colonizers, but they quickly left the island, taking the language with them. Later, Mooré and Arabic were introduced to the island after immigrants from Africa arrived. Those were the two major languages until Mooré died down and people embraced Arabic in around 300CE. Later, French, English, and Somali immigrants came and spread their cultures. The food is a mixture of west and east African foods with dished like Tô and Peanut butter soup and sambuusa. Football(soccer) is a very important part of Sloughttopian culture. The country even has it's own national Football team, the Sloughttopia National Football Team.

Important/Well-known people

In history

Two of the most important people in Sloughttopian history are the founding sisters of Floptropica. These two women, Empress Jiafei Ina and Nike Miniah, gained control of the newly independant state of Floptropica in 1503. This is the year when the BDSYland empire fell and broke apart into 4 states. Da Boyz shortly claimed the territory of Floptropica for 3 days, before being overthrown by Empress Jiafei Ina and Nike Miniah, who then established an official government and military. Without these two, Sloughttopia may still have been under Da Boyz control and never had the change to become independent. The Queen Empress Jiafei Ina even has the largest peak in the Flop Archipelago named after her.

Modern day

There are many important people in Sloughttopia's modern day. Possible the most important and influential person in Sloughttopia is Queen Keni I. She was born to Somali immigrant parents and helped impower Floptropica and Sloughttopia. Before Sloughttopia's independence, she was president of the Slutubya Hijabi's Association (SHA) and lead the Sloughttopia Independence movement. She helped provide education for girls in Floptropica and helped design and construct islamic prayer rooms in schools in Floptropica. After becoming the Queen of Sloughttopia, she wrote many laws along with the constitution. There are also more influential people in modern day Sloughttopia like Prince Amileu of Minajaji, Prime Minister, Yuni Williams, and General Zitty Mollay. General Zitty Mollay is one of the most memorable military personnel in modern day Floptropican and Sloughttopian history. She is the Queen's personal Military advisor and captain and leader of the Sloughttopia Royal Military. Another important person is the famous Sloughttopian-Turkish football player and captain of the national team, Hassan Osman. He is famous for being one of the best football players in the whole of the Flop Islands.