First Europan War

First Europan War
DateJune 14, 1914 - February 25, 1920
Europa, South and Southeast Asianna, Pacific Ocean
Result Treaty of Hosteerbach

Allied Powers

Lucis Commonwealth
  • United Kingdom
  • Gallia-Bruhl
  • Rubrum and the Peristylium
  • Zanarkand and the Besaid Islands
  • Tenebrae and Solheim
     (from 1916)
Atlantic Federation
Quen Minh
 (until 1919)

Central Powers

Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance
  • East Hindalesia and the Jau Archipelago
  • Banyukun
  • Dasguptaland
  • Cattankedesh
Guadosalam Federation
Commanders and leaders

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII
Harry Tachibana
Archibald Sugiyama
Ramsey Handel
Klankain Auchinleck
Murakamo Susaya
Roald Kankukken
Cam Trang †
 (Died in 1918)
Kieu Duong Huu

Pham Hanh Chi

Kyosti Mamercus Nussembaum
Hilde Getrud Aschelmann
Klaus Conrad von Monschau
Reinhard Walkenhorst
Alfredo Graziani
Guglielmo Luca
Alberto Andacco
Giovanni Maurice

Umberto Nunzio Anselmi

The First Europan War was a conflict that devastated the continent from 1914 to 1920.