Flag of Verbiza

Verbiza flag.png
NamePopulyaren baner
Popular banner
UseNational flag
Adopted5 April 1926
DesignA horizontal bicolour of red and green charged with a golden star
Verbiza communist flag.png
Variant flag of People's Communal Republic Verbiza
UseState flag and ensign
Adopted5 April 1926
DesignA red field with a hammer and sickle in the canton

The flag of Verbiza is the national flag of the People's Communal Republic of Verbiza. It was adopted on 5 April 1926.


The design of the flag of Verbiza is a combination of the symbolism of the two largest labor-militant organizations during the Verbizan Revolution:

  • Red: drawn from the flag of the Communist Party of Verbiza. Also represents communism and the blood of heroes.
  • Green: drawn from the flag of the Federation of Verbizan Miners and Loggers. Also represents the land and its natural resources.

The star represents the dictatorship of the proletariat, the state.

Variant flags

There are various other flags that are used in Verbiza. The most prominent of them is the flag of the Communist Party of Verbiza, which is a red banner with a yellow hammer and sickle in the canton. It is almost always used in tandem with the national flag. For example, it is flown with the national flag on the National Council building in Bunevgrad. It is also flown on all Verbizan vessels, usually alongside the national flag (but not always).

Provincial flags

City flags

Historical flags