Francisco Torrijos

Francisco Torrijos
Von Hopper.png
President of the Democratic Republic of Hatstheput
Assumed office
11 November 2017
Preceded byEarnest Johnson
President of the Democratic Republic of Hatstheput
In office
11 November 2004 – 2016
Preceded byHernando Mendizábal
Succeeded byEarnest Johnson
CEO of Von Hopper Insurance
Assumed office
Preceded byLeopold Von Hopper
Senator of South Victoria
Assumed office
11 November 2004
Leader of the Liberal Party
Assumed office
21 March 2004
Member of the Upper House
Assumed office
8 November 2004
Personal details
Francisco Torrijos

12/4/1965 (age 53)
Political partyLiberal Party
Spouse(s)Angela Hausmann
ResidenceHatstheput City
Alma materHatstheputian Catholic University
ProfessionPolitician and entrepeneur

Francisco Torrijos is a politician, entrepeneur and philantropist, best known for being the president of the Democratic Republic of Hatstheput, and has occupied this public charge from 8 of November of 2004 to 2016, returning again in 2017. He is considered to be the most powerful person in Hatstheput due to his political and economical power. He is also rated by several press agencies as the most well-known person in Hatstheput.

Early years

Torrijos was born and raised in Victoria, the second most populated city in Hatstheput. His parents came from the middle-class, and earned money thanks to the possesion of an small insurance company. Von Hopper attended to a private school, and as Von Hopper himself revealed in an interview to The Gazette, he had extraordinarily good marks. When he finished high school, he went to study at the Hatstheputian Catholic University, considered to be the most renowned university on the nation for the study of social sciences, and successfully earned himself an Economics degree. Later, he got a doctorate in Economics as well as a master in Entrepreneurial Management.

Professional careeer

After finishing his studies, Torrijos inherited the familiar insurance company from his parents, Mutua Torrijos, and turned it into the most powerful company in Hatstheput thanks to a smart financial management.

Political career

Political committment

Torrijos firstly became interested in politics after the election of the hardline conservative Hernando Mendizábal in the year 1996. Contrary to occassionally the statist and socially restrictive policies of such candidate, Von Hopper publicly spoke against him in an interview in February 1997, and would ever since then donate considerable amounts of money to libertarian associations. As he confirmed in an interview to HFH in the year 2006, Torrijos had been affiliated to the Liberal Party since 1999, although he had also voted National candidates from the Tea Party background.

File:A New Dawn.jpg
"A New Dawn", electoral poster of Torrijos' 2004 candidacy

Involvement in national politics

Torrijos revealed his full membership within the Liberal Party in 2003, announcing as well that he would present his own candidacy the Liberal Primaries of 2004. During this period, he got the endorsement from several celebrities, which was crucial for his success in politics. He won this primaries with 60% of the popular vote, which gave him and unquestionable leadership in this party. In the Hatstheputian General Elections 2004, he won with 65% of the popular vote, and had 290 deputies, establishing a new electoral record for the Liberal Party. He won the rest of the elections he participated in except for the 2016 one, in which he was defeated by the Conservative candidate Earnest Johnson.


Torrijos defends a non-interventionism policy for both economics and society, being the most prominent representative of the laissez-faire wing of the Moderate Party. He is against unproportionate public spending, but he has as well approved several proposals which are in favor of increasing government expenses in case they are good for the economy. He strongly opposes gun control and favors self-defense. He strongly believes in the national values of Hatstheput, constitutionalism, foralism and moderation, sometimes in opposition to the orthodox line of his own party.