Moderate Party (Hatstheput)

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Moderate Party
LeaderFrancisco Torrijos
FounderOtto Krause
FoundedJune 24, 1898 (1898-06-24)
Headquarters12 Tsokeiku Street
Hatstheput City, East Hatstheput
IdeologyClassic liberalism
Economic liberalism
Anterian affiliationAnteria Capitalist League
Colours     Dark green
Political positionCenter
Lower House
221 / 500
Upper House
74 / 140
0 / 31,000

The Moderate Party is a Hatstheputian classic liberal political party dating its roots back to the Canter Autonomous Republic of Hatstheput situated in the center of the political spectrum and presided by insurance mogul Francisco Torrijos.
Founded in the year 1896 as the formal successor to the Whig Party, the Moderate Party has ever since then advocated the defense of liberty as their cornerstone ideal, although they had a different conception of what freedom entrails than that of their counterparts from the Radical Party and the Conservative Party. Both these parties directly stemmed from the Whig parliamentary faction, but the "so-called" Moderates were closer to the Conservatives, believing in capitalism, holding a conception of freedom closer to that of the Enlightened Canter thinkers and advocating for a limited degree of decentralization.