Government of Verbiza

The government of Verbiza is the cabinet of ministers who control the various government ministries of the People's Communal Republic of Verbiza.


The cabinet is formed by the First Overseer of Verbiza, who is elected from the ranks of the National Council of Verbiza. The First Oversee is the head of government and is often considered to be the most powerful figure in Verbiza.

List of ministries

Agency Established Head
Agriculture 15 April 1926 Demitar Penchev
Culture 30 June 1949 Strumen Sotirov
Defense 15 April 1926 Delyu Tanev
Education 15 April 1926 Aleksander Georgiev
Foreign Affairs 15 April 1926 Orlin Georgiev
Forestry and Timber 15 April 1926 Radko Mladenov
Internal Affairs 18 February 1931 Gavrail Cristov
Justice 15 April 1926 Andrey Karapetrov
Natural Resources 2 October 1977 Rosen Avramov
Public Health 2 October 1977 Yakov Vanko