National Council of Verbiza

National Council

Natsionalen sŭvet
18th National Council
Emblem of Verbiza
Emblem of Verbiza
Term limits
5 years
Founded5 April 1926
Kamena Bunev, KPV
since 2006
Second Overseer
Krasimir Pramatarov, KPV
since 2016
Direct, non-partisan elections
Last election
1 July 2016

The National Council of Verbiza (Verbizan: Natsionalen sŭvet na verbiza) is the legislature of the People's Communal Republic of Verbiza.


The National Council is composed of 300 representatives from across the three provinces of Verbiza. Members are elected for five-year terms. The National Council is the highest rung on a ladder of local and provincial councils.

In order to serve in the National Council, one must first be elected as a representative of one's local working unit to the Communal Council. Then, one must be elected as a representative from the Communal Council to the Provincial Council. Finally, one must be elected as a representative from the Provincial Council to the National Council. Thus, members of the National Council serve in three legislative bodies at once.


The National Council elects the First Overseer (Pŭrvi nadzornik), who forms the cabinet. The First Overseer is typically, but not always, also the person who is Chairperson of the Communist Party. The First Overseer is considered to be the most powerful person in Verbiza. The current First Overseer (since 2006) is Kamena Bunev.


The National Council is the supreme legislative body in Verbiza. All national law is derived from the National Council. No lesser body can create legislation or policy that overrides the National Council.