Greater Mongolia Movement

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Greater Mongolia Movement

Dayaar Mongol Nam
LeaderBatu Ganbat
IdeologyLeft-wing nationalism
Social democracy
Civic nationalism
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
International affiliationProgressive Alliance
29 / 100
Party flag
Flag of the Inner Mongolian People's Party.svg
Website (planned)

The Greater Mongolia Movement (Khalkha Mongol: Dayaar Mongol Nam; DMN) is a left-wing nationalist political party in the Mongol Uls. Formed in the dying days of Communist Mongolia as a nationalist, anti-Soviet leftist party, the DMN attracted many supporters from communist and nationalist groups alike, becoming a major party in the Mongolian Republic. After supporting the enthronement of Manduul Temüjin and the Uls’ subsequent transformation into a monarchy, the DMN became the new Khanate’s first ruling party. It is leftist on both social and economic issues, supporting cultural liberal policies as well as state ownership and welfare, but holds nationalist and hawkish stances on foreign policy and military affairs. Unlike its fellow nationalist party Uniting Mongolia, however, it is civic nationalist and advocates for an ethnically inclusive national identity including all peoples of the Mongol Uls.

Electoral Results

Election Votes % Seats ± Government
2020 N/A N/A
26 / 100
New Government
2022 N/A N/A
29 / 100
Increase 3 Senior partner (until 2023)
Junior partner (since 2023)