Green Party (Hennehouwe)

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Green Party

Groen Partij
Parti vert
LeaderBart van Veen
Lise Xi
Secretary-GeneralPaulina Wiersma
Founded10 October 1983
Preceded byParty for Ecology
Student wingBlad - Groene Studenten
Youth wingGeneratie Groen
LGBT+ wingGroen LGBTQIA+
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionCentre-left
Euclean affiliationGreen and Ecologist Movement
Colors     Green
First Chamber
3 / 60
Second Chamber
11 / 180
Regional legislatures
55 / 633
Euclean Parliament
3 / 26

The Green Party (Hennish: Groen Partij; Gaullican: Parti vert; Groen) is a political party in Hennehouwe based on green politics.