Hélène de Cloucy

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Hélène de Cloucy
Hélène Marie Adèle de Cloucy

(1954-12-20) December 20, 1954 (age 68)
Nationality Lyncanestria
Spouse(s)Hadrian Anacomas, 43rd Grand Duke of Marvius
Parent(s)Charles V of Burgoy
Élisabeth de Cloucy
RelativesHouse of Burgoy

Hélène de Cloucy (Hélène Marie Adèle de Cloucy; born 20 December 1954) a Lyncanestrian noblewoman and socialite. She is the illegitimate daughter of the former king of Burgoy Charles V, eldest of the two children by his mistress the actress Élisabeth de Cloucy. Beginning in her late adolescence, Hélène traveled Ajax for years to avoid the scorn of the Burgoyard court in Jugny. She lives in Tarsas, and as the wife of Hadrian Anacomas is Grand Duchess of Marvius by marriage and a notable figure in Tarsan high society.

Early life

Birth and childhood

Hélène was born on 20 December 1954 in the town of Jorlas, about 50 kilometres south of the Burgoyard capital Jugny. Her parents were the Bugoyard monarch, Charles V, who was 55 at the time, and his 25-year old mistress Élisabeth de Cloucy, a ballet dancer and actress. She was baptised the following February in the chapel of the the Church of Saint-Arnaud; her father was not present. After her brother's birth in 1959, Charles had Élisabeth and their children moved to the Hôtel Déparmont, a royal residence in central Jugny. His visits were infrequent, though he is known to have showered the three with lavish gifts, to the objection of Charles's wife Marie-Cécilie of Vannois.

Education and travels

In 1968, Hélène was sent to Vannois to attend St. Vincent Preparatory, a boarding school in Saint-Nazaire. She would only attend for one year before being expelled for "disruptive behaviour," which included partying and drinking on campus. She completed her secondary education in 1971 at the Lycée Philippe l'Empereur in Villeneuve. Following her bac, she began to travel with her mother across Belisaria, during which time she established herself as an important figure in Ajaxi high society. After her father's death in 1974, she was cut off from most of the Valmeuse family wealth.


Relationship with the Valmeuses

The relationship between Hélène and her half-siblings was deeply strained by the Queen consort Marie-Cécilie, who refused to allow her children to associate with Charles's illegitimate children. The children grew up in contempt of one another, eventually leading to the de facto banishment of Hélène from Burgoy. In 1987, Hélène de Cloucy's attorney filed a civil suit against her half-brother King Charles VI for their father's inheritance. The claims to their father's inheritance was litigated through 1988 with a court ruling that Cloucy was entitled to an inheritance. She was given monetary compensation, however, all of the real estate that was sued for, including castles and royal properties, were kept by the King as these were deemed "non-transferable assets of the Crown as an institution."

Since the lawsuit, Hélène has not returned to Burgoy, though she does visit other states in Lyncanestria.

Marriage and issue

Hélène met Hadrian Anacomas in 1975 at a social gathering in Marvius. They would later marry in 1976; they had five children together.


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