Lord Hadrian Anacomas

Hadrian Anacomas
Hadrian Anacomas

March 17, 1954
ResidenceMarvios, Tarsas
NationalityAegion Tarsan
Alma materPanepistí̱mio Theía
OccupationLord of the Anacomas Family
Majority owner of Anacom Industries
Years active1978 - 2014
Net worth62.2 billion URD
Spouse(s)Hélène de Cloucy
ChildrenOctavios (41)
Ambrose Anacomas (32)
Herminos Anacomas (26)
Romanos Anacomas (19)
Prisca Anacomas (17)

Lord Hadrian Anacomas is a multi-billionaire and current head of the Anacomas Family, holding the title of 43rd Grand Duke of Marvius. His main source of income is Anacom Industries, which his family owns a 60% stake in. He personally owns a 10% stake in the company which contributes to his personal income. Hadrian Anacomas' vast wealth comes partially from his personal inheritance of the family assets as the only son and heir to the family in 1975 when his father died.

Currently, Hadrian is among the wealthiest men in the world. It is estimated that he makes over 7 billion dollars a year from his vast investments and holdings across the world. He is renowned for his shrewd business sense and reportedly owns vast land holdings. The vast investments he owns in multiple industries often put him in direct competition with Michael Roth of Yisrael and the two are reported to be friendly rivals, with the latter acknowledging Anacomas' shrewd mind and years more experience while the former often praises Roth as one of the "premier business minds of his generation".

Early Life and Education

Hadrian David Romanos Paul Anacomas was born in 1954 in the Domom Triderius in Marvios in 1954 to Artemon Anacomas and his wife, XXX. He was baptized two days after his March 17 birth date and dedicated in the Theía Dóxa. Young Hadrian was raised in the Domom Triderius and educated privately before he began to attend the Gilded Academy for Boys in the capital in 1964. He graduated in 1972 and went on to attend the Panepistí̱mio Theía in Marvios. He graduated with a B.A in business in 1976 and began to work in Anacom Industries as his father's personal assistant.

Rise to Wealth

Anacomas began to accrue his own personal fortune during hes tenure at Anacom Industries as his father's assistant through his management of the vast stock and bond options he acquired through careful investment behind his father's back. He was elevated to full time board member in 1984 and began to steer the company in his own direction by his shrewd influence of the other board members. As his father grew older and began to ail, he assumed more and more responsibility within the company becoming Chief Financial Officer in 1986. He was responsible for negotiating and signing several major production contracts with the Tarsan government in the development of military weaponry and the manufacture of nuclear reactors and maintaining of plants. He always credits the rise of the cobalt industry in the burgeoning electronics industry of the 1990s as the point when Anacom, and by extension his family's wealth, began to truly grow to large proportions.

He became a billionaire in 1994 and began to buy up significant stock in the company. His father protested this vehemently, stating he was trying to take his inheritance early, and attempted to stop him by reducing the size of Anacom's public offering. In 1995, Hadrian managed to get the board on his side, citing his father stunting the growth of the company by reducing the public offering. He was unanimously voted out by the board in May of 1995 and Hadrian was subsequently elected as the new CEO of Anacom Industries. His father died two months later and he subsequently inherited the vast wealth of House Anacomas along with his father's stock in the company which pushed him well into the range of a billionaire.

Personal Life

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