Harbin Mechanists

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Harbin Mechanists
Full nameHarbin Mechanists Quidditch Team
Based inHarbin
LocationHeilongjiang Province, Central Amenria, Empire of Amenria
StadiumHagongda Stadium
PartnersHarbin Institute of Technology, Fivecent
Main sponsorLeninade

The Harbin Mechanists (Chinese: 哈尔滨电子人魁地奇团队 Hā'ěrbīn Diànzǐrén Kuídeqí Tuánduì, Harbin Cyborgs Quidditch Team), formerly just The Mechanists, is a Quidditch Team based in Harbin, Amenria. It was the second team from Amenria to participate in an Omniversal Quidditch tournament, the tenth Quidditch World Cup, after the N-Forcers participated in the ninth in 2047.


After Amenria's perceived failure in the ninth Quidditch World Cup, the Ministry of Sports deemed it appropriate to assemble a professional Quidditch team that was "more than a rag-tag bunch familiar with the hoverbike". The team was formally founded in 2048 after selection of candidates and preliminary training in late 2047. The team participated in the ninth Quidditch World Cup, earning no tournament points.



Number Position Nation Name Gender
3 Chaser AMN Krishan Vadekar Male
006 Beater, Captain AMN Valeriya Shor Female
10 Keeper AMN Gao Xinlei Male
12 Seeker AMN Nattayot "Nattie" Chamroon Female
38 Chaser AMN Cha Eunbi Female
43 Beater AMN Im Minho Male
62 Chaser AMN Liu Zhen Male


Themes, Playstyle and Gimmicks

The Mechanists' central themes are robotics and technology. Since magic is banned in Amenria, Amenrian quidditch teams have to rely on technological superiority over their opponents, a philosophy taken more seriously by the Mechanists than any other Amenrian quidditch team. The Mechanists prioritize equipment over physique and training. Players would spend less time practicing and instead use the time to work on their hoverbikes or armour. The Mechanists is the first team to adopt on-board AI on their vehicles and use VR for practice. In 2047, their colours were black and cyan, with uniforms consisting of a black bodysuit with protective plates on the torso, arms, shins, and other joints and cyan-coloured glowing lines that pulsated with the player's heartbeat. Currently, the uniform consists of grey boots, gloves and armour vest, white trousers and T-shirt, and a green coat and padding on the joints.

The Mechanists' attitude towards the game make them a balanced team, neither excessively offensive nor defensive, as their equipment is designed to be as versatile as possible.