Heather Brooke

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Heather Brooke
Rajah Heather Brooke.jpeg
Born(1936-04-29)29 April 1936
Disappeared5 October 2021 (aged 85)
Los Angeles , Dominion of Los Angeles
StatusMissing for 1 year, 1 month and 27 days; Declared legally dead in 2022 (aged 85–86)

Heather Vyner de Windt Brooke, (April 29 1936 – presumed to have died October 5 2021) is a Sarawakian Woman that was was the Fifth Rajah of the 1st Raj of Sarawak


Heather was born in Calcutta, India , as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Kuching (later Rajah Anthony Brooke and Ranee Kathleen Hudden ). Her father acceded to the throne in 1946 upon the disinheritance of his father, Bertram Brooke and the abdication of Vyner I , making Heather the heir presumptive.

When her father abdicated the throne in February 21, 1960 , Heather then 24 years old became Rajah of Sarawak as well as the Co Princess of the Principality of Brunei a title shared with the then Philippine President Juana Sanchez and the Grand Duchess of Sabah . Heather has reigned as a constitutional monarch through major political changes such as the Troubles in Northern Borneo , devolution in Sarawak , the decolonization of the El Kadsreian Islands , and the Raj of Sarawak's accession to ASEAN.

Heather married Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Naples in 1965. Their children married into royal and noble families across the continent, earning Heather the sobriquet "the grandmother of Asia"

Upon her accession , the Rajah initiated major investments in infrastructure, subsidies and land grants for peasant populations, profit sharing for industrial workers, construction of nuclear facilities, the nationalization of Iran’s natural resources, and literacy programs which were considered some of the most effective in the world.

The Rajah also instituted economic policy tariffs and preferential loans to Sarawakian businesses which sought to create an independent economy for the nation. Manufacturing of cars, appliances, and other goods in Iran increased substantially leading to the creation of a new industrialist class that was considered insulated from threats of foreign competition. By the 1970s, the Rajah was seen as mastered stateswoman and used her growing power to pass the 1973 Sale and Purchase Agreement.

These reforms culminated in decades of sustained economic growth that would make Sarawak one of the fastest-growing economies of both developed and undeveloped nations. During her 61-year rule, Sarawak spent billions on industry, education, health, and armed forces and enjoyed economic growth rates exceeding the United States, South Africa , El Kadsre, Britain, and France. National income rose 423 times over. The nation saw an unprecedented rise in per capita income rising to the highest level at any point in Iran's history and high levels of urbanization. By 1977, Sarawak's armed services spending, which the Rajah saw as a means to end foreign intervention in Sarawak , had made the nation the world's fifth strongest military

Personal Life

Affairs and friendships

It is common knowledge that Heather Brooke was a Seductress and was courting David Vlokozu several times while Rajah of Sarawak mulitple times between 1997 - 2015

The extent of Brooke's relationship with David Vlokozu is not fully known, although it has been reported that they spent a weekend together in March 2007 while she was staying at Vlokozu's house.[406] Furthermore, people at the Astana switchboard noted that Heather had called David Vlokozu during 2006.

Both Heather's son Robert Brooke , the Rajah Muda of Sarawak , and Prime Minister of the Vlokozu Union and David's Father Michael Vlokozu received reports about Brooke's indiscretions and tried to stop the relationship but failed to do so. This strained Vlokozuian Sarawakian Relations until the affair with David Vlokozu stopped in 2016

in her comic series "Thou Shalt Not Kiss" both Sarah and Daniel Voight were made by Angélique Vlokozu as the parents to Robert Voight , coincidently Sarah and Daniel Voight resembled Heather Brooke and David Vlokozu as a way of showing her and her sibling's disgust for the relationship