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Hjoed Logo.png
Hjoed Frontpage.png
Hjoed's frontpage on November 1, 2017
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Alsk Media groep
EditorJetze Kok
FoundedOctober 5, 1974; 47 years ago (1974-10-05)
Political alignmentLiveable Delland
HeadquartersYndyk, Alsland
Circulation100,000+ (as of 2018)
Sister newspapersHeute

Hjoed ("Today") is an Alslandic regional daily newspaper published in the Midi format by the Alsk Media groep. Hjoed is the largest daily newspaper in Alsland with a circulation of 100,000+ in 2018. Almost all of it's readership comes from Delland, Yndyk and Middewald. The paper is self described as a "Forward thinking and independent publication" but has a long history of supporting various political parties and blocs. The paper currently supports the centrist Liveable Delland and the Radical party.

The paper has 3 sister papers, Heute in Garz and Zittau, Today in Hamptonshire and Fawkhamshire and Täna in Martiland. Alongside it's sister papers Hjoed has a Weranian daily regional edition in Wottested for the Weranian community in the city.

In 2016 Hjoed along with its sister papers were accused of covering up corruption within the Alslandic federal government after the paper denounced claims made by other publications about corruption within the Wieringa and Hellinga administrations from 2014 until 2016. In response to the accusations the paper's editor Okke Zondervan resigned and was investigated by the police. The paper admitted to having prior knowledge of corruption within the government in 2015 and withholding the information to protect members of the government who owned shares in the Alsk Media groep.



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Defence of Helle Cuperus

2016 Corruption coverup