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From top clockwise: Sintraletún and Televyzjetoer; Senaatsgebou; Sjaard Nauta International centre; Yndyk Museum; Glas plak; Fokkelstêd Cathedral; Loykensbrêge District; Witepoarte
Flag of Yndyk
Country Alsland
CommunityDellish flag.png Delland
 • BodySenate of Yndyk
 • Minister-PresidentJapik Minnema (Liveable Alsland)
(31 December 2017)
 • City/Province1,382,111
 • Urban
 • Metro
ISO 3166 codeAS-YD

Yndyk is the capital of Alsland and largest city of Alsland. Yndyk is the second smallest of Alsland's 18 provinces in terms of area although it has one of the highest populations out of any province. Yndyk's urban area is the largest urban area in Alsland. It has a population of 2.9 million and includes the cities of Hurdegaryp, Krikkested, Sachsenscheid and Rikertsted. Yndyk lies on the river Yn from which the city get's it's name from. Yndyk is the eighth largest city in Euclea in terms of Urban area. It lies within the Ynsted metropolitan area which is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Euclea.

The first records of the city date back to the 9th century as a crossing over the river Yn and the first use of Yndyk was in the 14th century after the completion of a dyke in the region. The city became the capital of the Duchy of Delland in the 15th century away from the more mountainous and hotly contested Herne region. The city was comparatively small compared to other cities in the region during the time period and lagged significantly behind the Principality of Wottestadt which was the main centre of commerce in the region, as the Duchy of Delland became more powerful within the area the importance and influence of Yndyk continued to grow until the Ten Years' War when the city was burned and destroyed during the Battle of Yndyk. The city did not fully recover it's status after the area was annexed by Kirenia and the city was once again the site of numerous clashes during the War of the Triple Alliance. The city grew quickly during the Industrial Revolution and became a hub for Dellish nationalist thinking. After the 1919 Alslandic revolution it became the capital city of Alsland and became the largest city in Alsland after the Great War.

The main language of Yndyk is Dellish although the city, much like Wottested and other Ynsted cities, is extremely multicultural and only had a plurality of native Dellish speakers in 1994.

The city is also home to many important cultural sites including; the Witepoarte, the Yndyk Botanical gardens which are both recognised world heritage sites. Some of the city's most recognisable landmarks also include the Televyzjetoer which is the tallest freestanding structure in Alsland and one of the tallest in the world, the tower itself is visible throughout the city. The Sintraletún is one of the largest urban parks in Euclea and also includes several landmarks such as the Yndyk Meuseum, the Luytgenpaleis and the Yndyk Zoological park.

The city is renowned for it's nightlife and is a popular tourist destination in Northern Euclea. It hosts the Legerfestival annually which is the largest regularly held electronic music festival globally and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city is also a hub for commerce and had one of the highest rates of start-up companies in the world in 2017, sectors such as the life sciences, technology, information and science industry are important to the city's economy. The Loykensbrêge business park is the largest technology park in Alsland and one of the most important in the Euclozone. The city also has the highest quality of life out of any Alslandic Province and has the highest GDP per capita in the country. As of 2013 the city is the most forested city in Euclea and has over 500,000 trees.






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 Werania TBD
 Kirenia TBD
 Estmere TBD
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 Azmara TBD








Yndyk Súdlikthús Airport is the only active airport in the city and is one of 2 major International Airports in Alsland alongside Wottested-Yndyk International Airport

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The Legerfestival is the largest music festival in Alsland and is held annually in August

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