Holy Amathian State

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Holy Amathian State

Ⱄⱇⰻⱀⱅⱆⰾ Ⱄⱅⰰⱅ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⰹⰰⱀ
Sfântul Stat Amathian
of Amathia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ⱅⰵⱀⰵⰱⱃⰰⰵ ⰵⱅ ⰾⱆⱈ ⱄⰹⰱⰹ ⱄⱆⰽⰽⰵⰴⱆⱀⱅ ⰹⱀⰲⰹⰽⰵⰿ"
"Tenebrae et lux sibi succedunt invicem"
Darkness and light succeed each other in turns
• 1920-1934
Marius I
• 1934
Alexander II
Great Legate 
• 1922-1934
Ghenadie Isărescu
Historical eraGreat War
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Amathia
Amathian Equalist Republic
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The Holy Amathian State (Amathian: Ⱄⱇⰻⱀⱅⱆⰾ Ⱄⱅⰰⱅ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⰹⰰⱀ, tr. Sfântul Stat Amathian), officially the Kingdom of Amathia (Ⱃⰵⰳⰰⱅⱆⰾ Ⰰⰿⰰⱚⰹⰵⰹ, tr. Regatul Amathiei), was an Amathian totalitarian state that existed from 1920 to 1934, under the leadership of the Legion of the Twilight (Ⰾⰵⰳⰹⱆⱀⰵⰰ Ⰰⰿⱆⱃⰳⱆⰾⱆⰹ, Legiunea Amurgului). Amurgist Amathia, as it was also known, was an ally of the Gaullican national functionalist regime and a member of the Entente, taking part in the Great War.