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Huang-Ahn Cooperative

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Huang-Ahn Cooperative

黄-安 合作社

황-안 협동 조합
Chinese name黄-安 合作社 (Huáng-Ān Hézuòshè)
Korean name황-안 협동 조합 (Hwang-Ahn Hyeobdong Johab)
AbbreviationHAC, Huang-Ahn, The Cooperative
MatriarchHuang Zhiyan
FounderHuang Yuhan, Ahn Yuji
  • 2022 (as a company)
  • 31 August, 2042 (current form)
Preceded by
HeadquartersDaejeong, Central Amenria
  • Lord (大人 dàrén)
Political positionCentre
Colours     Turquoise
Slogan"Adapt, Improve, Evolve"
Imperial Council
23 / 150

"We have moved on from plastic surgery to designer babies. Now, the health and beauty we gave you will be passed on to your descendants for generations to come. Rejoice in the fact that at the meager cost of a portion of your wealth, you have contributed to the advancement of humanity."

- Huang Zhiyan

The Huang-Ahn Cooperative (Chinese: 黄-安 合作社 Huáng-Ān Hézuòshè, Korean: 황-안 협동 조합 Hwang-Ahn Hyeobdong Johab), also known colloquially as the Taekwondoctors for their choice of martial arts, is a Chinese-Korean Noble Family from Amenria responsible for the nation's healthcare sector.

The Huang-Ahn often find common ground with the Gan Brotherhood for their pursuit of science, as well as their perfectionism and shared idea of craftmanship and the Ramadhan Family for their attitude on aesthetics and genetics. Due to the fact that their clients often end up becoming celebrities, it also maintains a cordial, but mostly professional relationship with the Kirigakure Network, as their clients' appearances on screens act as advertisements on the quality of the work the Cooperative has done to beautify them, oblivious to the Network's shadier aspects.

With 23 seats in the Imperial Council, the Cooperative is tied with the Ministry of Religion, which they are ambivalent to, as the family with the second most seats, after the Ramadhan Family. Its main territory is the Korean peninsula, with outside lands being on middle to high income urban and suburban areas throughout the country. The Cooperative is known for eschewing the use of streetlights in its territories, instead planting genetically engineered bioluminescent trees for lighting. Citizens living in Huang-Ahn territory, human and otherwise, have reported healthier and longer lifespans than the national average.


The Huang-Ahn believe that sentients should no longer allow nature to dictate how they evolve. Instead, they should take control of their own evolution, in whatever way they please. To this end, they have created genetic modifications package available for purchase which could enhance one's traits, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of health and fitness. In their eyes, their duty is not only to cure, but to improve quality of life and make such improvements as widely available as possible.

Although garnering the stereotype of socially awkward and emotionally distant mad scientists among some of the populace, few can deny the benefits they have offered to the common man, from bioluminescent plants helpful for saving power and genetically engineered crops abundant in both taste and nutrition, to sanitation microbes and cheap, but effective over-the-counter medication. The Cooperative is so skillful that even those wary of these "crazy mutant makers" would take their injuries and illnesses to reputable Huang-Ahn physicians.

Ironically, despite their rivalry with the Poornachandra Pack they share an affinity for the solarpunk style, albeit having different interpretations thereof, with many buildings in Huang-Ahn territory being white, with rounded shapes and their signature plants growing in, on, near, or around them. Huang-Ahn lands are dotted with pristine marble plazas and littered with planters showcasing their bizarre botanical creations, as well as uniquely shaped public pools where their subjects can not only enjoy a cool, refreshing swim in the summer or a warm, relaxing dip in the winter, but also flaunt their hard-earned (or expensively purchased) appearances.


The Cooperative was founded as the Huang-Ahn Company by Huang Yuhan and Ahn Yuji in 2022. The couple worked as researchers for a prestigious Chinese firm, where they first met and shared their thoughts on genetic engineering. Following the prosecution of He Jiankui in 2019, they decided to continue their research on genetics in Korea, where had more freedom to do so. They got married in 2021.

Early History

In the mid 2020s, Tianshi bought the company and used its knowledge and resources to his and Revenger's advantage.

World War III

The Huang-Ahn Cooperative was involved in the enhancements of Yoo Junghwa, turning her into a super soldier.

Yuzhou Dynasty

After the Empire of Amenria was founded, the Huang-Ahn Company was nationalised into a Noble Family and renamed the Huang-Ahn Cooperative.


Admission and Membership

Being medical in nature, membership to the Huang-Ahn Cooperative is exclusive to those with a degree in medicine or related fields or in the process of gaining one (medical students). It has an equal gender ratio.


The Huang-Ahn Cooperative is highly meritocratic, where the finest physicians being at the top of the chain of command, with eager apprentices below them. The Cooperative has several departments, each dealing with an aspect of the healthcare sector. Attached to each department is a paramilitary force called Containment Divisions. These Divisions act as security personnel to scientists and doctors, and are tasked with protecting them, as well as capturing or eliminating threats, including, but not limited to, rogue mutants, escaped specimens, and hostile alien fauna.


Clothing and accessories

Lower-ranking members wear cyan scrubs. Mid-ranking and higher-ranking members wear white lab coats with the Family Crest on the shoulder over cyan, green, or blue shirts. Crop tops are popular choices for female members. Both genders keep their hair black, unwilling to dye their hair and give up their God-given Asian beauty to mimic foreigners. Female members either keep their hair short, in a bun, or in a ponytail. Glasses and surgical masks are commonplace. The Huang-Ahn have no pins.

Containment Divisions are equipped with body armour resembling those worn by SWAT teams, with a black and cyan colour scheme and the Huang-Ahn crest as a shoulder patch.


The Huang-Ahn sacrifice The Huang-Ahn prefer weapons that sacrifice raw damage for speed and accuracy, reflected in their choice of weapons with good critical rates, such as the scalpel, befitting their fondness of surgical precision. Ranged weapons used by the Cooperative include submachine guns and pistols.

Containment Divisions are equipped with either an assault rifle or a shotgun and a shield.


The Huang-Ahn make use of ambulances on land, with a more varied armada of vehicles in the water, including speedboats, jetskis, and even former cruise ships converted into mobile hospitals. They also use medevac VTOLs, making it one of the only Noble Families with vehicles for use on land, sea, and air.

Powers and Abilities

Fighting style

"The nature of combat is swift and mutable. Therefore, the ability to adapt one's physiology at a moment's notice should be a cornerstone to the Huang-Ahn fighter."

- Huang-Ahn combat training manual

Reflecting the Cooperative's adaptability, Huang-Ahn use buffs and debuffs in combat as a reaction to how the opponent fights. This is represented by the Cooperative's use of biomancy - a Huang-Ahn combatant near water would push the opponent deeper and deeper into the body of water as he gives himself gills, for example. As taekwondo is the Huang-Ahn's martial art of choice, movesets often include many kicks. Armed combatants use weapons with a high critical, befitting of their value for precision.

The Huang-Ahn also makes use of attack animals, which they often buff in combat as well.


The Huang-Ahn Aces, Transmogrifiers, glide across the battlefield in their rollerskates, dodging attacks before attempting to touch their opponents, temporarily turning them into guinea pigs and cutting down their stats by 70%, regardless of level. Any buffs and debuffs active at the time (besides the stat shave) of transmogrification are removed when the opponent is turned, and any buffs and debuffs applied when the opponents are in guniea pig form are removed when they return to their original form.

Electoral results

List of leaders


  • The Huang-Ahn is inspired by the Deckers from Saints Row 3 and the Simic Combine from Magic: The Gathering.
  • Initially, the Huang-Ahn was planned to be a purely Chinese family, with a separate Korean family being responsible for media and broadcasting instead. RMD decided that they would be better merged and the planned role of the Korean family given to the Kirigakure Network after considering Korea's beauty industry and genetic engineering research and how both would complement each other.