Imleach Brega

Imleach Brega

Coat of arms of Imleach Brega
Coat of arms
Et dicit eis "pax vobis" (Latin)
"And He said to them: 'peace be with you'"
Imleach Brega (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
Imleach Brega (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
CapitalSciath Ailbe
 • Total130,447.96 km2 (50,366.24 sq mi)
 • Density114.47/km2 (296.5/sq mi)

Imleach Brega (from Irish meaning "frontier of Bregia"), occasionally Imilbregia in English, is a principality in Maltropia. It is the fifth-most populous principality, with a population of nearly 15 million. It is the sixth largest principality by area, at 130,447.96 square kilometres. Its capital is Sciath Ailbe.

Imleach Brega is the most southwesterly territory of Maltropia and the only principality that borders Ishgar. Only its eastern neighbour, Snowheight, is further south. Tirucca borders the principality to the northeast.


The modern principality owes its name to the pseudo-historical Kingdom of Bregia, which existed no later than 400 AD. By the early middle ages, the territory was divided among numerous petty kingdoms whose royal seats included ringforts at Lios Teorann, Lissetter and Sciath Ailbe, the names of which evoke their defensive purpose. Saint Ailbe of Moraine brought Christianity to "the pagans on the Bregian plain" in the mid-fifth century. During the Tumult, at the end of the eighth century, mass migrations into the territory were undertaken by famine-struck populations in Escir and about Lecan.