Ard Snechtúil
Flag of Snowheight
Snowheight (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
Snowheight (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
 • Total199.395,24 km2 (76.98693 sq mi)
 • Total10,428,572
 • Density52.3/km2 (135/sq mi)

Snowheight (Irish: Ard Snechtúil) is a principality in southern Maltropia. It is the fourteenth-most populous principality, home to over 10.4 million, and, covering an area of just under 200,000 square kilometres, Snowheight is Maltropia's second-most extensive principality. It is bordered in the west by Imleach Brega and in the north by Tirucca, Fearann Ard and the Angle. With Fearann Ard, it is one of two landlocked principalities.

The provincial capital is Cnocscélaige, in the north of the principality. The names of both the principality and its capital use nonstandard spellings in their names, reflecting Snowheight's relative isolation from the rest of the country and the slower spread of standardised spelling. The demonym, Snowheir, is originally a contracted form of 'Snowheighter'.

Sliabh Babhla in the Ardawns

Snowheight's name evokes its distinctive geography, with the principality home to ten of Maltropia's twenty highest peaks. There are sixty-three mountains with peaks above 4,000 metres; of these, thirty-eight are in the Ardawns, the country's most significant mountain range. Several major rivers, including the Yadda and the Murmur, rise in Snowheight.