Inis Meala

Inis Meala

Flag of Inis Meala
Inis Meala (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
Inis Meala (dark green) in Maltropia (light green)
 • Total43,201.39 km2 (16,680.15 sq mi)
 • Total2,873,114
 • Density66.51/km2 (172.3/sq mi)

Inis Meala (Irish, meaning "isle of honey"), sometimes known as Inchimala in English, is a principality in the Maltropian Islands. It is the third-least populous principality, home to 2,873,114. It is Maltropia's second smallest principality by area and the smallest in the Maltropian Islands, covering 43,201.39 square kilometres. Its capital and largest city is Calymne.

One of only two principalities to have no land borders, Inis Meala's nearest neighbours are Soirláchan and Helvick to the north, across Ó Ruairc's Passage, and Cinn Óir to the west.

Inis Meala was the first area of the Maltropian Islands to be permanently settled, having been favoured by hermits from the mainland between the sixth and ninth centuries, and was the chief centre of the Earldom of the Isles from the early twelfth century.




Despite Inis Meala's name suggesting just one island, the principality includes more than two dozen islands of varying size. The largest, also named Inis Meala, accounts for just over half the principality's total land area and is the fourth largest island in the country. Its shape is loosely rhomboidal, with an inwardly curved southwest coast. At its easternmost point, a narrow strait separates this island from Ivagh (Í Feá, "Beech Isle"). East of Inis Meala and north of Ivagh, Inis Asa ("Isle of Milk"), at nearly 15,000 square kilometres, is the fifth largest island in the country and is sometimes described as "shoe-shaped". From Inis Asa's toe, an arc of islands colloquially and collectively known as An Reodóg ("the Icicle") points southward. The island of Í Luise ("Rowan Isle") lies 100 kilometres east of an Reodóg.

A waterfall separates two levels of Loch Duibhín, a network of shallow lakes on Inis Meala's southwest coast

Like much of the Maltropian Islands, the formation of Inis Meala is volcanic in origin. Some 45% of the coastline consists of granite cliffs ranging in height from 5 to 150 metres. Basaltic shorelines are common elsewhere throughout the principality, and much of the interior consists of a level plateau underlain by basalt deposited before 6000 BP.


Inis Meala's capital and most populous settlement is Calymne, which lies on the northern shore of the principality's main island, with an urban population of roughly 200,000. Kilmonava, on Inis Asa, is the second-most populous city, followed by ??!?!!? on Inis Meala and Calabró on Í Luise.