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Federal Capital District

Flag of Innia
and largest city
Official languagesAllamunnic, Eonese
GovernmentMayor-Council government

Innia is the common name of the Federal Capital District, as well as the pre-Unification Ottonian state the Archduchy of Innia. While most of that former territory is within the Free Community of Eona, the area around Innsboro, Ottonia City, and Roan was sectioned off to serve as the new federal capital under the New Foundation of 1947. While Innia is de facto listed alongside the fourteen Constituent Republics of North Ottonia, Innia is itself not one of the Constituent Republics, and is represented in the federal government differently, although like the constituent republics it is largely autonomous of the federal government in its internal affairs and enjoys home rule.

Due to housing the headquarters of most of the federal agencies of the Federation of Ottonian Republics, the population of the Federal Capital District in the present day is disproportiantely white-collar, often employed by the federal government or national organizations that benefit from headquarters in the federal capital(s).