Interdimensional Incident

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Interdimensional Incident
DateVaries by account
14 August, 2049 (R1)
22 August, 2021 (Terra)
R1, Valentine Z, World Machine, Mirum (Terra)
Status Ongoing
Commanders and leaders


Amenria Tianshi


Lyra Elmspirit

Gideon Steeldirt

Nathanial Hazelcrown

The Arkiv

-Arkiv Network -Improvised General Defense Network "RK60"

Battlegroup Anna

Admiral Henrietta Lutzow

Renewal-class Heavy Cruiser 'Visby'


Strategic Network Intelligence Kokopelli

Strike Squadron 2 TacMind
Drecha The Eternal
Casualties and losses
All causualties are only rough estimates.

The Interdimensional Incident (Chinese: 多重宇宙论战争 Duōchóng Yǔzhòulùn Zhànzhēng, Multiverse War; German: Krieg der Sterne, War of the Stars) is an ongoing conflict between Drecha and various nations across the Greater Omniverse.


On 22 August, 2021 of its home universe, Drecha sent Starcruisers to various universes, hovering over their respective Earths, or, in the case of nations without one, their home planet. They all carried out the same task of disabling any imaging satellites and surveying the resources and capabilities of numerous inhabited worlds. This has been theorized as a part of an ongoing conquest by Drecha, whose goals are unknown. The conflict is the single-largest and most widespread conflict to be seen by a vast majority of the nations involved[CITATION NEEDED].

The Amenrian Perspective

The Kirigakure Network noticed their satellites being jammed, with the Six Secrets convening in the Lotus Flower to report to their Grandmaster after confirming the same has been done to foreign satellites, including those belonging to the Caliphate of Earth. The government does not consider the vessel hostile yet, however. Moments later, the Amenrian

The Mirian Perspective

On the 22nd of August, 2021, the Mirian Space Initiative (MSI) observed as an unknown object entered Sol orbit, disabled their spy satellites and space-based telescopes, and proceeded to move toward the planet. A message was then promptly received from Valentine Z, offering to assist and ally, which was accepted. Four months and twenty-four hours later, the Starcruiser proceeded to launch fifty tripod walkers toward Terra, landing near Eletya, and proceeding toward it. This prompted the Miran government to enact one of their contingency plans on the 24th of December, just an hour before Drecha began to lay siege to Eletya. A mass air-and-sea evacuation was held of the city, with the forces of Valentine Z assisting in the evacuation. Two-hundred and fifty civilian lives were lost during the evacuation, the first casualties of the war, and five-hundred Mirian soldiers were also killed during the evacuation. One day later, on the 25th of December, 2021, President Lyra Elmspirit of Mirum gave a speech to the nation aboard the MNV Loyalty, in an attempt to rally support behind the cause of the war. On that same day, Mirian forces clashed for several hours with Drechanian soldiers in the Battle of Eleyta before Qhevaki forces (specificly the Burning Quasar militia force) assisted in liberating the remaining parts of the city.

The Arkiv Perspective

Approximately three days after commencement of the Drechanian invasion, a lone Drechanian Starcruiser encountered the Arkiv, a pseudo-hivemind of ever-evolving nanomachines that relentlessly seeks perfection. After initial contact between the two parties, the Arkiv proposed a direct neural interface with the Drechanian Hivemind to increase the flow of information between both parties. Initially, this neural interface went smoothly, and if it had gone through completely it is likely the Drechanians would have obtained an immense advantage. However, the sheer breadth and depth of the Hivemind awoke ancient knowledge-hungers in the Arkiv, leading to a mass-intrusion of the Hivemind as the Network attempted to consume all information therein. Incensed, Drecha forcefully shut off the connection between the Starcruiser and the Hivemind, sealing off the Arkiv threat but leaving them with a valuable and dangerous military asset. The crew of the Starcruiser, freed from Drecha and all-but-embracing the Arkiv Network, agreed to remain the crew of the massive vessel while the Arkiv modified it with their own technology.