International Air Transport Association

International Air Transport Association
MottoRepresenting, Serving, Leading
FormationApril 17, 1956; 65 years ago (1956-04-17) in Corcaigh Nua, Maltropia
TypeInternational trade organisation
HeadquartersCorcaigh Nua
approx. 60 airlines (2014)
Official language
Director General
Donald A. Taylor

The International Air Transport Association (IATA /aɪˈɑːtə/) is a non-partisan international association of airlines which aims primarily to regulate the air traffic industries through the registration of, and assigning of codes to, airlines and airports. The IATA is headquartered in Corcaigh Nua, Maltropia, where it was founded in 1956. Airlines receive a two-letter designation, generally assigned based on the initials or first letters of the airline's name, while airports receive a three-letter code based on a similar methodology.

The IATA does not function as an airline alliance, though it does aim to prevent disagreements and price wars, etc., among its members, neither enforcing nor maintaining any policies or programmes on the behalf of its membership. The organisation aims to avoid the taking of sides in disputes, even between members and non-members. Because of this policy, the organisation has acquired a reputation as an arbiter in international disputes within the air traffic industries.